This Little Piggy went to market…

This Little Piggy went to market…

The children’s poem we playfully say to our kids’ toes. Waters Edge Pedicure will have your toes feeling happy going to the market and all the way home.

Most of us don’t need to be convinced to get a pedicure, we all know they feel great! It is usually just a matter of taking the time to give to ourselves. However, it’s way more than just a nice day at the salon treating yourself. There are real benefits for getting a pedicure and making sure you keep up on your foot health is a common thing often taken for granted.

August is Foot Health Month so you’ll want to book your appointment and get those little piggies pretty and healthy with one of our Signature Pedicures at Waters Edge Salon and Spa.

Here are Five Benefits to getting a Pedicure

Waters Edge Salon and Spa, Burlington


1. Infection prevention

Many of us take our two feet for granted. Pedicures get down in the nooks and crannies of our nails and toes and remove any nasty bacteria that might be lurking around, and it cleans any dirt so infections don’t have a fighting chance.

2. Exfoliation

Getting a pedicure exfoliates your foot skin, making it fresh and free of dead skin. It helps promote new cell growth so your feet are left nice and soft and look even better!

3. Circulatory benefits

Get a pedicure, and get those feet massaged. It will help ease any tension in your feet. They are your only way of getting around, so you have tension in more places on your body than just your neck and shoulders. Help get the blood in your feet moving again to evenly distribute your body heat and relieve any pain that might be occurring.

4. Moisturize

We moisture our face and hands but sometime our poor lonely feet are left out of the equation. The massage in a pedicure in combination with some nice oils will feel great, helps prevent any cracks and blisters and great for open shoes and walking barefoot. Moisturizing also helps nails from splitting which can be a nasty task to take care of.

5. Relaxation

Well, of course! Pedicures can make you feel good and more confident, and they will undoubtedly feel amazing. The combination of getting your feet renewed through exfoliation and cleaning, then moisturizing to make them like you’ve never walked on them a day in your life.

Waters Edge Salon and Spa, Burlington

Waters Edge Salon and Spa