Get a Healthy Glowing Skin with Dermaplaning

Get a Healthy Glowing Skin with Dermaplaning

When your skin appears dull and you want to maintain a healthy glow than you might consider Dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning is a super effective exfoliating treatment in which an Esthetician uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells on the surface of your skin and (along with the peach fuzz on your face).

Why is this necessary?

It's because the buildup of dead skin and microscopic hairs can make your complexion appear dull, flaky, and can even cause breakouts due to clogged pores and hair follicles. Which is why this form of mechanical exfoliation is essential for maintaining an even, healthy glow.

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What to know before Dermaplaning.

1. Dermaplaning is recommended for all skin types. Since the procedure requires use of a sharp scalpel, those with inflamed acne should pass on it until their complexion clears up.

2. Dermaplaning will not make your hair grow back thicker or darker. Once your hair begins to grow back it might feel different because the hair was cut straight across, but it's the same texture as before and grows at the same speed.

3. You can expect to spend $150 to $250 per treatment. At Waters Edge, right now, you pay ONLY $100 for one session and $250 for a series of THREE!

4. There's no downtime. Some light redness can be expected but not always.

5. You'll need to be very diligent with SPF afterward. You should always wear sun protection every day, but post-exfoliation your skin is especially susceptible to the sun.

6. It'll change your life as far as makeup application goes. The dermaplaning razor removes all the little hairs on your face, your makeup will go on super smoothly. Your skincare products will also be more effective, since the product isn't being blocked by dead skin cells and can penetrate the skin faster.

7. Don't try this at home. Since dermaplaning is performed with surgical scalpels (not your average razor), you should leave it to the pros.

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