3 Reasons To Consider Eyebrow Threading

3 Reasons To Consider Eyebrow Threading

WatersEdge Salon and Spa specializes in the timeless technique of threading.

A History Of Success

Eyebrow threading is a time honoured technique that has been around for several hundred years.  A great option to waxing and tweezing.

Here are 3 Reasons We Love Threading

Threading is a precise form of hair removal

With a thin thread, your esthetician will be able to accurately twist the hair to remove and light sweep the skin.   Due to accuracy, the result will be clean lines.  The alternative waxing has the potential to remove larger amount of hair and leave less desirable results.

No Pain - But Gain

The perfect combination for many women.  Threading is the less painful alternative to waxing and tweezing when done right.  The staff at WatersEdge is trained to target your hairs and reduce skin irritation.

The Threading Process is Quick and Easy

Threading not only can be done quickly, but with no expensive machines to rely upon, our professional "artists" can take care of you in a matter of minutes.

Overall threading the eyebrows is just a pure timeless method.

For those with sensitive skin, we highly recommend threading. We use clean fresh threads to minimize reaction.

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