What's in YOUR Beauty Products?

What's in YOUR Beauty Products?

Are you interested in understanding more about what you put on your body? Liza of Waters Edge Salon and Spa has 4 great resources for sustainable beauty!

When was the last time you were able to pronounce every ingredient in your beauty products? Has a product ever made your skin burn, itch, or tingle? And whats the deal with the jumping rabbit??

Liza of Waters Edge Salon and Spa has four resources for you to check out to help understand what's in (and what's not in!) your skin care and beauty products.


Davines is aiming to be the most beautiful and ethical company in the world. Their products range from skin care and hair care, and all the ingredients they use are sustainably sourced and ethically produced.

The Davines story:

Davines Group was founded by the Bollati family in Parma, Italy in 1983 as a high-end haircare research lab. After a decade of honing our expertise and formulas, the Davines brand was created. Since the start, we’ve focused on crafting quality products that are scientifically engineered for effectiveness and express our distinctive style and spirit. As a B-Corp company, we make everything with special attention to and respect for our environment. Davines products are still made in Parma today with a combination of the highest-quality natural ingredients and scientific rigor. As firm believers in curiosity, open-mindedness and exploration, and with a high regard for culture in all its forms, we are constantly developing concepts and products that challenge the mainstream conceptions of beauty. Though we are an international company, our roots are planted in our heritage as a family-owned lab, guided by the desire for quality products with timeless appeal. - Davines.com
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Tree Hugger

Tree Hugger is an online media outlet dedicated to making sustainability mainstream - and they have a wealth of information about ethical practices and sustainable ingredients and processes - and the brands that live up to their standards.

Check out their article on 20 Toxic Ingredients to Avoid when Buying Body Care Products and Cosmetics HERE!

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PETA is known for their animal cruelty activism and ethical products advocacy - and they throw their full support behind brands that commit to cruelty free and animal-product free ingredient lists.

Check out their list of Cruelty Free Hair and Makeup Brands HERE!

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Another beauty company committed to great products with amazing ingredients, Dermalogica was started in 1986, and now works with over 100,000 therapists across more than 80 countries. Their 300+ awards and science-backed products make them an impressive one-two-punch - high-quality skin care products with sustainable and ethical ingredients

Check out the Dermalogica story HERE!

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