Winter Wellness Care is so important to maintain healthy skin and hair

Winter Wellness Care is so important to maintain healthy skin and hair

As the winter weather goes between blizzards and brief moments of offseason spring, winter can cause a tug-of-war on our immune systems, our skin and our hair.

It’s important during these up-and-down months to take extra care of our health to ensure we don’t get dehydrated and unwell. The lack of sunshine can make us feel a little s.a.d and our skin and hair can get dry and dull and in need of some tender loving care.

Waters Edge Salon and Spa knows the benefits of skin and hair therapy are so very important in our overall wellness.The following wellness tips can help us stay healthy as the weather ebbs and flows.

Staying properly hydrated during the colder months, flushes out germs and toxins, keeping your skin from drying out, and keeps your energy up through the day. Add lemon juice to your water for natural electrolytes.

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Stress and illness are more common during winter and may keep us up at night. Sleep recharges your brain and allows our body time to pause from the day’s activities.

Staying active and keeping a strong social circle can help improve your mood, increase circulation, and help prevent winter weight gain. Schedule a few social events or spa day package with friends, and maybe gear up and take a winter walk for some sun and vitamin D. Be sure to use Sunscreen! Dermalogica has a dynamic skin recovery spf50.

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About Us

The Specialists at Waters Edge understands the importance of changing up your daily routine and adding moisture, and nourishment treatments. That is why we carry amazing products from Davines and Dermalogica and trained specialists.


For your hair, we offer specialized hair treatments with Davines Circle Chronicles collection of hair masks. Five masks were created to address different hair care concerns, all with a common denominator: immediate performance—10 minutes or less.

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For your skin we offer Dermalogica facial and body treatments. Your skin therapist will complete a thorough consultation and skin analysis. This will enable you to choose the right treatment based on your skin’s specific needs. We offer customized facials, Luxe facials, and Power Peels, ION Active Treatment for fine lines, dark spots, breakouts or dehydration.

Pop by Waters Edge Salon and Spa and speak to one of our team members today for some customized recommendations or fill out the attached form and tell us how we can make you feel happy and healthy during these winter months.