it’s Time to Shine with Glowing Skin

it’s Time to Shine with Glowing Skin

But if you have extra dry skin or oily pores, achieving a beautiful glow (not just a sweaty sheen) can feel impossible.

So how do we get glowing skin and what does it means to glow. Glowing skin is skin that is moist and soft—not dull, dry or flaky, and is characterized by small pores, even complexion and clear skin without blemishes.


You need to stay hydrated for a healthier you. Drinking plenty of water improves your body’s overall health and does great things for your largest organ: your skin. Glow from the inside, out.


We lose that 'youthful glow' as we age because our natural cell-turnover process slows down. This causes dulling dead skin cells to cling to our skin's surface longer. Exfoliation helps our inner glow come back to the surface by removing all that dry, dull debris and revealing the softer, smoother skin underneath. Exfoliating helps targeted treatments and moisturizers better penetrate the skin; reduces breakout-causing congestion; helps smooth rough, callused areas; and helps prevent ingrown hair.

There are many forms of exfoliants, but the most common categories are at-home and professional. Which method is best for you will depend on your skin condition and concerns, as well as personal preferences, time and money.

Waters Edge Salon loves the Dermalogica exfoliant products and can recommend the one that will work best for your skin type.

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Know Your Skin

Look at the size of your pores and where you typically get oily or dry. Larger pores are a sign of oily skin and dry or ashy skin can be due to lack of moisture from overuse of products, change in estrogen levels due to menopause or workplaces with dry environments and excessive air conditioning or lack of humidity.

If you are not sure our experts at Waters Edge are available to assist and have a selection of skin treatments for everyone.

Eat a healthy diet

Healthy proteins and nutritious fruits and vegetables go a long way toward making skin glow. Add these elements to your diet to see quick results: Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish and walnuts are especially beneficial to your skin. Vitamin C will help existing pimples heal faster, so eating a few servings of citrus fruits and spinach will help.

Now available at Waters Edge Salon

AGE Bright Clearing Serum from Dermalogica, is a clearing-and-brightening serum that clears breakouts and reduces the visible signs of premature skin aging.

AGE Bright Spot Fader is a two-in-one brightening spot treatment that reduces spots and uneven skin tone

Waters Edge Salon and Spa, Burlington

AGE Bright Clearing Serum

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