Chlorine and Your Water

Chlorine and Your Water
about 4 years ago

So we need the chlorine in our water to protect us from illnesses. However, once it’s reached our tap it’s done its job and is now detrimental to our health.

Here in Ontario, chlorine is added to all municipal drinking water by law. Chlorine plays an important role in sanitizing our water and ensuring its safety. Chlorine disinfects the water and makes it suitable to drink. Clean drinking water protects Canadians from illnesses caused by bacteria and other microbes in untreated water including cholera, giardiasis and bacteria Escherichia coli (E.coli).

But what happens when the chlorinated water reaches your tap?

Per the Canadian Cancer Society, “chlorine itself is not the main cause for concern in drinking water. When chlorine interacts with organic matter (such as dead leaves and soil) in untreated water, it forms new chemicals that remain in the water. These are called chlorination by-products. It is chlorination by-products that can increase cancer risk.”

They also tell us that “the amount of chlorination by-products formed during water treatment depends on the amount of chlorine used and on the amount of organic matter in the water.”

As to chlorine itself “most studies have shown that when people are exposed to chlorinated water over long periods of time, it slightly increases their risk of bladder cancer. Some studies have also found links to colorectal cancer, but we need more research to be sure of this link.”

So we need the chlorine in our water to protect us from illnesses such as cholera and E.coli. However, once it’s reached our tap it’s done its job and is now detrimental to our health. So how do we get rid of it at that point?

There are lots of ways to reduce your exposure to chlorine.

Remove it from your drinking water by investing in a home Reverse Osmosis device. All of our Reverse Osmosis devices include a carbon filter to remove chlorine from your drinking water, giving you healthier and better tasting water. Or if you prefer, stop by and fill your own bottle with our U-Fill Reverse Osmosis or Alkaline Water, which has been carbon filtered to remove chlorine.

Chlorine is easily absorbed through the skin as well. Want to ensure you aren’t showering in chlorinated water? Check out our Rainshow’r Shower head filters!

Want to get it out of your home altogether? Invest in one of our Chloramax filters! This filter is added right after the water enters your home to ensure that chlorine is filtered out of all your home water supply.

If you’re in the market for a new water softener, check out our Refineosoft. Not only is it one of the best softeners on the market, but it also acts as a chlorine filter! All the benefits of our Chloramax built into a great water softener!

Unsure which solution is the best for you and your family? Stop by and we’d be happy to discuss it with you!

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