A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?

A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?
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Every workspace is more efficient with automation. Organizations want to make processes more cost-effective and space-saving.

Having multiple keyboards, mouses and monitor screens installed at an operator's desk would require extra desk space and create operational inefficiencies. You would need various eyes to monitor these multiple devices.

KVM Controller offer the best solution to overcome such inefficiencies. KVM devices are efficient in handling multiple computers and multiple screens at the same time from one location. And if you've wondered about using a video wall controller with a KVM matrix switch, then you are at the right place.

Understanding the primary function of KVM devices

KVM is a term that refers to Keyboard, Video, and Mouse. It is equipped with a micro-controller in the form of a simple switch. It helps users connect multiple devices to a single unit.

A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?

You are using a single server setup for controlling all three devices. It works very much like a gaming console.

Basic connectivity for using devices from remote desk

A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?

The switch is a simple type of hardware device. It is used as an interconnecting device in between the mouse, monitor, and keyboard. This is what delivers the benefit of having multiple devices connected. Two or more PC's can easily be linked together into one functional unit, making it easier and more efficient to operate.

Enhancing KVM with Video Wall Controller

In many applications, especially in control rooms with a central video wall, operators need to monitor information from the KVM computers connected to the KVM matrix. Still, in addition, they may also need to watch or even control the content that comes from other IP or HDMI sources, like web apps, dashboards, IP cameras, and more that are displayed on the video wall. A single centralized platform solution must easily manage all the sources that need to be visualized.

A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?

A video wall controller that comes with management software integrated with the KVM switch can do it all. You can control, manage and visualize information coming from the KVM switch and all the other sources simultaneously from a single user interface. This type of integration dramatically increases the efficiency of control room operations.

For more information or support, you can contact KVM and video wall specialists at VuWall. VuWall can help you better understand how this technology applies to your work environment's use cases and applications.

Easy to switch between devices and screens

A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?

A KVM switch is provided with simple controls. These controls will allow the user to switch from one monitor to another or from one device to another. The switching process can take less than a second up to a few seconds.

Eliminates clutter within the workspace

A Step-By-Step Process On How Does KVM Controller Work?

Having multiple devices installed on an operator's desk will only clutter the workspace. The switch will help reduce clutter, saving space and cost.


KVM switches are designed to offer workspace peripheral support to facilitate day-to-day operations and maintain a clean and functional work environment. An integrated video wall controller will further enhance KVM functionality by adding control and visualization capabilities without additional devices or tools. Control room operators can benefit from the performance of both technologies from a single easy-to-use centralized platform.