3 High-Performance Tyres You Should Invest In

3 High-Performance Tyres You Should Invest In
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These are the three high-performance tires from Apollo for different types of vehicles.

If you own a vehicle, a two-wheeler, a four-wheeler or even a tractor, you know the maintenance routine you need to follow. You have to be mindful of every single part for smooth functioning. The kind of tyres you use play a crucial role in your vehicle's performance. If you use low-quality and easily degrading tyres, you frequently need to replace them. And if you are looking for a tyre replacement, choose mighty tyres that are durable and effective on our roads. A good set of tyres will enhance your drive quality, ensure safety and keep your vehicle in good condition. Apollo Tyres is a leading brand of good-quality tyres in India. Upbeat with technological advancements and delivering quality, consider investing in these tyres.

Here's a look at three high-performance tyres for different types of vehicles:

Apollo Virat Tyres

Addressing the need for a sturdy build and superior performance, the Apollo Virat tyre range is perfect for tractors. These tyres provide a stronger grip on both hard and soft soil, ideal for farms. Keeping in mind the current audience, the company designed them with a new-gen aesthetic and a new lug design to match with new tractor models. Apollo Virat is touted to be an all-rounder with superior performance, available in both front and rear fittings. The double grip and more rubber in the wearing zone ensure a longer tyre life.

Watch the Apollo Virat in Action Here:

Apollo Bhim Tyres

Specially catering to the small pick-up vehicles, the Apollo Bhim tyres come with an aggressive tread pattern, equipped to handle tonnes of weight. These tyres are robust, bigger and sturdier, designed for small commercial vehicles. They have a dura-cool thread compound, dual-angle tread orientation, heat resistance piles, a strong casing and bead. They promise a 30% lesser heat generation and 10% better mileage. Drivers who regularly travel long distances and transport heavy loads prefer the Apollo Bhim range. The company positioned these tyres as 'Loading ka Mahabali' for their high load carrying capacity.

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Apollo Alpha Tyres

India's first steel radial tyre, the Apollo Alpha is specially made for high-range motorcycles. Emphasizing the powerful performance of superbikes, these tyres offer high-speed stability. The tyre has a zero-degree steel belt suitable for dry roads. It has an optimum tread design for improved fuel usage and a dual radii cavity for good cornering. Another significant feature of these tyres is their effective braking performance. They provide superior traction even on wet roads. These tyres were developed with a primary focus on grip and safety.

Watch the Apollo Alpha tyre in action with all details here:

If you own a beast of a bike and want to plan a bike ride soon, consider these tyres for the highway roads. The company had even advertised this range with a Test the Alpha Challenge.

Apollo Tyres

Test The Alpha Challenge

Confident in its launch, Apollo posed consumers with the Test the Alpha challenge for the Alpha tyres. Strongly believing in the quality of the high-performance tyres, the company challenged customers to try out the new range, test it for 30 days and return it if they were not satisfied with the performance.

Watch the video of the challenge here:

You will find many tyres in the market, but few will match the performance and durability of Apollo Tyres. Whenever you are purchasing new tyres, do check out Apollo Tyres online to see if they have what suits your needs. With a range of tyres from two-wheelers, SUVs, or trucks and tractors, the company delivers an assured quality that you wouldn't mind investing a few extra bucks.