Questions Related to VoIP

Questions Related to VoIP

Telecom Technology

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You may have heard about VoIP technology. There is a big number of users that are turning their way towards VoIP so that they can improve the communication network.

It is well-known that your communication could be better all over the world while using VoIP. Apart from that, you must have a better knowledge of VoIP technology as it could be useful for you during official use as well as you can also face some questions related to VoIP while you are sitting in an interview whatever the post you are asking for.

Therefore, the following questions will let you know something more about VoIP Technology.

Why is VoIP better than Traditional Landlines?

VoIP is better than traditional phones and it is proved through various points. By using VoIP, you can cut your monthly bill by fifty percent. It proves that VoIP can be cost-efficient if compared with landline phones. Apart from that, VoIP offers you multiple features like video calling, IVR, and many more.

How does VoIP Work?

VoIP converts the analogue signals into digital signals during a call. These digital signals are then sent through a broadband line as data. You should have active internet with a router and modem for small business VoIP calling. To make the VoIP start working, you need to configure it, and its configuration includes a desk phone and SIP server. It allows the VoIP to perform better as compared to traditional landline phones and also gives you extra features than landlines