10 free sites to advertise real estate

10 free sites to advertise real estate

Hi Broker. How are you? I separated a list with 10 free sites to advertise properties

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Hi Broker. How are you? I separated a list with 10 free sites to advertise properties for you to expand the advertising of your property portfolio and attract more contacts without having to invest more with it.

Before going to the list, go to “How to make perfect real estate listings ”. These are precious tips that will help you throughout this journey!

Now, as the list is long, let’s get down to business. Take note and good luck!

1. Imóveis.net

I am going to start our list with Imóveis.Net, a free real estate showcase that allows unlimited disclosure of properties for sale, that is, you can advertise as many properties as you want.

Perfect for those who use some real estate CRM, which can make this task simpler by reading an XML. If you are one of those, make a jump there that is worth it!

And, if you don't use a real estate CRM, you will publish it little by little. One by one.

2. Doorbell

My second suggestion for a free website to advertise properties is the Doorbell.

It is also unlimited when it comes to the number of real estate listings. allows realtors and real estate agents to advertise properties for free and unlimitedly.

Easy to use, very intuitive and without ad limits. He is very good!

3. First leg

Very traditional, the classifieds have, of course, an area dedicated to the advertisement of properties for sale.

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Primeira Mão has a lot of credibility and a high volume of accesses, so it is an excellent channel for promoting your portfolio.

Set aside time for him, because there is an extensive part of registration that demands time. But it's worth!

4. Zip Ads

No, this is not the little brother of the most popular Real Estate Portal in Brazil, even if it looks a lot, Zip Imóveis is another channel for free listings of properties that we include in our list.

It attends well to what it offers and deserves special attention.

5. Nuroa

Have you heard of Nuroa? He's like Google's real estate portals.

When someone searches for a property in it, it brings ads from portals, websites etc.

Very nice for those who also invest in paid sites for real estate ads. Put Nuroa on your list and see the band!

6. Brazil Property

Property Brazil is a real estate classified and is among the best free sites to advertise properties.

It is similar to all the others that make up this list. Without many differences and relevant points, but it fulfills its role well.

7. Found Changed

At Achou Mudou you can advertise up to 10 properties for free. You paid more than that!

Ten ads is not a bad number, even if your wallet is much larger than that.

It is worth making a good selection of properties with great sales potential and starting with them.

Extra Tips for Free Sites to Advertise Real Estate

There are free sites to advertise regional properties, for realtors and real estate agents that operate only in one or a few specific regions.

In this way, for those who work in São Paulo, I brought two free sites to advertise properties there, they are:

1 - Apartamentos a Venda SP website - Do not be taken by the name of the website, which is also permitted to advertise houses and properties of other types.

2 - ABC Real Estate Portal - For real estate and real estate brokers, the region covers the cities of Santo André, São Bernardo do Campo, São Caetano do Sul, Diadema, Ribeirão Pires, Mauá and Rio Grande da Serra.

Now, if you work in Rio de Janeiro, I suggest the RJ Imóveis Portal.

This was our list of free sites to advertise properties across Brazil.

It is worth mentioning that the ads on free sites like the ones we brought here do not exclude the need for you to advertise on Real Estate Portals and to have your own site.

They are complementary channels that can enhance your digital real estate marketing actions without having to spend more money.