How to set up killer real estate listings

How to set up killer real estate listings

Real estate ads are like bait and, in order for them to really fulfill this role of attracting the customer, you need to know how to do them in a strategic way.

In our meeting today, we brought good practice tips to make real estate ads more efficient, that is, to attract the ideal contact and convert you into a customer.

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The first tip that I bring with respect to today's topic is:

Dedicate yourself to your real estate ads!

It takes work, it may not be your favorite task in brokerage, but it is one of the most important and, therefore, requires dedication.

In time, there are realtors and real estate agents that hire one person only for this function, that of advertising their properties on their real estate websites, portals, social networks, etc.

Who has a good System for Real Estate has an integration function with Real Estate Portals and optimizes this part of the work in a few clicks. There is one more tip here too!

Photos: don't give up good photos for your real estate ads

Imagine that your channels for disclosing your real estate portfolio - website, portals, marketplaces, social networks, etc. - are showcases and that photos are your products.

Imagine also you strolling in a mall and looking at the windows.

This is how the user does on the internet in search of a property, he walks / browses the networks looking at shop windows / ads and their products / properties for sale.

So, how to attract that customer's attention? With good photos!

Photo attracts. Photo sells. Dedicate to making / having good images of your properties for sale for a competent, well-publicized.

I talked more about this in " Photos of real estate: 4 tips for you to make photos that sell more ". These tips are worth reading and putting into practice!

Property Description: chapriche!

Caprice. Be as complete as possible in the property description.

Put all the data that the client needs to know about the property and highlight the important points of it, for example:

Good location: close to everything.

High standard finish.

Accepts bank financing ;

Complete leisure infrastructure.

There is a healthy discussion in the market about whether or not to provide the right address for the property for sale, since this makes it easier for someone to go straight to the property without talking to the broker.

Of course, this happens, unfortunately, but, I believe that there is a step before the announcement that needs to be taken care of so that you do not fear this event, which is your relationship with the owner of the property for sale.

At the time of capturing, it is necessary to establish a relationship of trust between you, the real estate agent and the owner client, so that he understands the importance of the broker's role in this process so that, even if someone knocks on your door without your presence or authorization, he forward that person to you.

Not to mention when it can be dangerous and risky to sell a property without the realtor. Always reinforce it!

-Ah, but that would be the perfect world.

Yes would be. Work for this, so that the ideal world is your work scenario regardless of the bad practices of the market.

Therefore, I advise you to put the full address of the property, and especially, whenever this is a significant difference, such as those avenues that cross the city and depending on the height of the property it makes a difference.

This avoids wasting time on working with clients outside the profile of the property in question.

Spread your property listings as good news!

There is no point in making a perfect property ad on your real estate website, for example, with beautiful photos and a complete description and leaving it there, just for those who access your site.

Tell the world that you have this super property in your real estate portfolio and are working on selling it.

Disclose in all your communication channels with the client: Status of WhatsApp, Social Networks and Real Estate Portals.

Speaking of real estate portals, I left a list with “10 free sites to advertise real estate” that is worth taking a look at.

Did you notice that these tips have a point in common? The dedication!

So, making real estate ads requires a lot from the realtor, but, it is one of or the main step in the sale process, so, dedicate yourself!

Good Business!