Different types of animations you can use to make videos

Different types of animations you can use to make videos

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The main objective of this article is to create basic awareness in you about the basic types of animations that you can use to create animated videos. Learning about these different types and techniques of animations used in the making animated videos will and can also help you choose the right career path for yourself. You might even find out that this is interesting and might become an animator.

Just to be clear, this is not a guide to teach you how to create a video animation. In fact we will just be exploring different types of animation styles that are being used in creating animated videos. To learn how to animate you would need proper education in this field.

Now, there are various types of animations which have been used over the years and are still being used and some of them are mentioned below:

Traditional animation: Traditional type of animation as the name suggests is one of the oldest forms of animation where the artist draws the image in a frame. And the movement of the particular image is achieved by drawing the same image again and again showing the movement by drawing the change in the image making it change very gradually. This is exactly how Disney used to draw their cartoons in the old days. The animations are made in a sequence of images made in frames. The best example I can give here would be of a children’s flip-book. So this sequential drawing if screened quickly one frame after the other gives an impression of the image to be moving.

2D animations: This style of animation has been one of the most popular styles over the last decade due to the advancements in technology and the growth of online videos. Now this 2d animation is actually vector based there’s a software by the Flash that has been commonly used to make such animations.

Now vector based animations typically mean that these are 2d computer based images. The movement is still shown in the same way as it was in the traditional style of animations. But since the image is computer generated therefore it takes a little less time to get done with whole animation process as it would in the traditional style animation where everything was done by hand, manually. So technology here made it a little easier to make animations.