Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore | Vivek krishna

Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore | Vivek krishna

Telling your stories as they are, Vivek Krishnan Photography offers candid wedding photography and videography services in Bangalore. Make moments last forever.

Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore — I’m joking, I’m joking! That title was just there to grab your attention (and for SEO purposes, of course). But now that you’re here, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and my ongoing journey to become not only the Best candid wedding photographer in Bangalore but also in the world.

Why photography?

Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore | Vivek krishna

Having done my master’s in IT, my MBA abroad, and then working in IT sales for a while, my life has been in a perennial state of flux. I’ve been shooting photos since my days as an undergraduate and that’s one of the very few things that’s been constant in my life. Photography always fascinated me, especially shooting people and their expressions more than still life photography. I’ve always prided myself on being able to get a person’s emotions on film and transitioning into becoming candid wedding photography Bangalore was a natural decision for me.

I think that candid wedding photography needs a varied skill set. You need to be a good product photographer to capture the decoration and other accessories during a marriage. Portrait photography skills are, of course, very important here. And you always have to be good at sports photography to capture all the motion and dancing! This was a good challenge for me and I’ve never regretted becoming a best wedding photographer way back in 2022.

Your website says you’re all experts and professionals. Exactly how expert and professional are you?

Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore | Vivek krishna

Well, not to get too technical, but I’d have to say that we’re pretty much the most expert and very professional. Ok, that’s another joke, and I promise that’s the last one (or… is it?). But on a more serious note, we know our stuff. We have top-notch equipment and we plan every detail meticulously. You can be assured that there will be no last-minute changes when you’re dealing with us and you can safely and happily go and enjoy your wedding and trust us to get the best candid photographs of your wedding that you would have only dreamed of.

OK, you might be professional, but do you have style?

We believe that every couple is unique and merits wedding photographs and a wedding film that brings out their essence and flair. Every photograph and video frame from your wedding will be meticulously captured and edited by us. We want to bring out all the romance, emotion, and joy of the wedding and we won’t rest till we do so.

Best Wedding Photographers in Bangalore | Vivek krishna

Ready? Set? GO!

I would love to one day be called not only the best wedding photography packages in Bangalore but also in the world! I’ve covered weddings in Goa, Chennai, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka and I love catching a train to a quaint little village somewhere and photographing or filming a loving couple joining their hands in holy matrimony.