Ask Your Candid Photographer About Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots!

Ask Your Candid Photographer About Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots!

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Wedding photography has no longer stayed on the path of just weddings and pre-wedding functions, but it has traveled to the lands of pre-wedding photo shoots, videos, and even capturing your wedding proposal! In this whimsical land of candid photography and of pre-wedding photo shoots, there is a new arrival — themed pre-wedding shoots. Relax, it simply means that your pre-wedding shoot can have a subtle underlining theme to it, making it more creative and fun.

why a pre-wedding photo shoot?

Indian weddings are all about rituals, guests, and total chaos, in a good way! And I have to capture every single moment of it. From the bride getting ready to the pheras and then till her bidaai. This photo marathon doesn’t allow the bride and groom to breathe or relax. A pre-wedding photo-shoot does just that. You are not decked up to the tee, you are free from all the guests and you get this lovely time to spend with your partner. Celebrating the couple is what I do at a pre-wedding photo-shoot!

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What are the themes that I can shoot in?

That’s the most amazing part. The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding what theme you want. Here is the list of themes that I love and which are super fun!

Bollywood Themed –

Ask Your Candid Photographer About Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots!

You can go all out with classic Bollywood scenes & poses like the DDLJ shot, shoot all over Mumbai, the Bollywood city, marking iconic spots, or even fly to Dubai to the Bollywood Park & do a shoot with a wedding photographer in Dubai. When it comes to Bollywood and candid photography, the sky is the limit!

Vintage Themed

Are you having a traditional wedding with lots of rituals and Indian traditions? So the vintage theme helps you take a break from all that and have fun. You can pick a quaint garden or even a park where you can have a fun and relaxed shoot. You can do a retro 1940’s -vintage look with a lace saree, shoot it in a black & white tone or have a very chic-boho look and shoot it in wildflowers & lush greenery.

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Destination Themed

Have a little extra time on hand during your wedding preps? Do a destination themed wedding shoot. It allows the photographer in me to capture you against that destination’s finer points. Imagine you are in Dubai, it would be a dream pre-wedding shoot for a wedding photographer in Dubai to capture you against the Burj Khalifa! Don’t worry, you can even think local — how about a tram ride in Kolkata?

Ask Your Candid Photographer About Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots!

Boudoir Themed

This one can be a little intimidating for people but I believe that it brings out the most real aspects of the human species — the pure love. It’s raw, it’s intimate, yet it has this chemistry which is insane! A theme you can really consider if you both are comfortable with it. The most important aspect of this one to communicate with your candid photographer very clearly as to what is ok and what is not. I believe there is no shoot that gets more candid than this one for a photographer!

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What You Love Themed

Just pick something that you love to do as a couple and I will shoot it – as simple as that. This can range from cooking in your new kitchen, painting a wall, or even asking your wedding photographer in Dubai to shoot you as you skydive together! Crazy isn’t it? This theme not only allows you to bring out the creative genius in you but it allows you to have fun! The comfort level between the two of you while doing something that you love will never be missed on camera.

Ask Your Candid Photographer About Themed Pre-Wedding Shoots!

I believe that the best memories are captured when you are having fun and what is better than a pre-wedding shoot to do that before all the chaos and wedding madness begins. So take out the time, indulge a little, and get captured!

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