Six Crazy And Amazing Props That You Can Use At A Pre-Wedding Shoot!

Six Crazy And Amazing Props That You Can Use At A Pre-Wedding Shoot!

The story of your amazing day..!! We are best at wedding photography, capturing your special stories that you can cherish for a lifetime to come.

Your pre-wedding shoot doesn’t need a full styling makeover to be unique and fun. You can bring one of these props to your shoot by one of the top wedding photographers in Kerala and you can be rest assured that no one will even remember the background.

Props are a great way to help you loosen up for what is possibly your first time for a candid photography shoot. Having something to hold or do makes you forget about feeling awkward or camera-shy and allows you to have fun. Don’t worry, we have a list of what NOT to do in a pre-wedding shoot too ( These six props for your pre-wedding photo shoot are easy to find and don’t require hours to make or set up; you can simply pack them up and bring them along!

Bubbles – It’s so much fun to play with bubbles. They add a fun and celebratory element to your shoot. It’s something that you have played with as a child so I promise that you will feel at home quickly. As one of the top wedding photographers in Kerela, I guarantee you that even the most camera-shy person becomes a child with a bottle of bubbles! Blow bubbles at each other and play around or have someone blow the bubbles around you while you embrace for that fairy-tale shot!

Where to get: Any local stationary or party stores. You get the fancy ones just for Rs 100.

Scrabble Letters – If chalkboards are too done and over with, you can opt for scrabble letters. They are fun and you can also manage to get in a few shots without your face in. Hear hear, camera –conscious! You can even incorporate your ring to make your save the dates right there. And trust me when I say this it will guarantee you awwww’s.

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Where to get: You can borrow a set from a friend or buy at any games store.

Smoke Bombs – This one is for couples that love colour and lot of drama! Smoke bombs allow you to get stunning shots of you as a couple without staining your clothes or if you just want it to be a part of your photo shoot rather than a theme. Holi colours create beautiful, dreamy pre-wedding shoot photographs. Wear white to set off the colours and try to opt for organic colours to avoid any rashes. Don’t forget; get tons of different colours to bring in the rainbow.

Where to get: You can get organic holi colours on Amazon.

Your Pet – So I know that your pet isn’t a prop but you can include them in your pre-wedding photo shoot and it would look so cute! As one of the top wedding photographers in Kerela, I can vouch that they help you loosen up and act natural in front of the camera, and also lets you commemorate your love for your furkid, especially if you plan to raise them together. You will be amazed at how delightful the pictures turn out to be!

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Where to Get: Home Sweet Home!

Food – I believe that there is nothing that connects more people than food does. So, why not include your favourite foods or even drinks in your pre-wedding shoot? A simple ice cream cone or even donuts can be a really cute prop for your pre-wedding photo shoot. Sharing a cone brings back fond memories of you two giggling on the first date, leaving sweet smiles on your faces. Imagine, you sitting on the hills of Munnar and the top wedding photographers in Kerala clicking a shot of you both fighting over a cupcake or candy! You could also indulge in champagne and a picnic basket for an outdoor shoot or dig into a fluffy cloud of candy floss for a cute shot!

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Where to get: Any local store

Sparklers – Light up your love with sparklers! As a candid photographer, I can create long exposure shots at night that feature sparkler light-writing for a fun and unique set of pre-wedding photographs. Have fun writing with the sparklers yourselves, or get someone else to spell out the word ‘love’ beside the two of you!

Where to get: Local fireworks shop

Which prop is your favourite amongst these? Have you used any other kind of prop for your photo shoot? Don’t forget to tell me in your comments below!

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