Instagram is Buckling down on Fake Likes & Followers

Instagram is Buckling down on Fake Likes & Followers

It's key to make sure your personal and work account deletes fake followers or likes to prevent your account from getting flagged.

Instagram is a world famous social media app that has taken over the globe by storm since it was original bought by Facebook years ago. The app has joined the ranks of companies like Twitter and YouTube that have reigned over what people do online and on their phones. It's an app that lets you post pictures and videos updating friends and followers on your life.

An interesting thing that has slightly broken down the meaning behind Instagram is the need for followers. Numerous apps are out there dedicated to editing your photos and giving them amazing aesthetic borders and filters for top notch quality. The need to have a big following and showcase your relevancy has never been more in demand than it is today. People are spending money and good amounts of time trying too hard to get followers even if it means getting fake followers.

The Rise of Fake Followers

It has become fairly commonplace that people would spend about several dollars to get "likes" and followers. People could go from 10 to 100 "likes" in a matter of minutes with the power of different services and programs online.

Creating a fake following has been all the rage because of how easy it is to gain that credibility. From a business standpoint, it's understandable why businesses would invest their time on creating their social media and making them look successful. As important as it is for a business to invest in small business bookkeeping or customer service training for employees, a social media following just looks more professional.

Aside from businesses, people aspiring to accomplish their biggest dreams are utilizing fake followers to look relevant. However, Instagram is now officially trying to stop this from continuing.

Instagram’s Announcement

Instagram just recently made the announcement that in a week, they will begin removing "inauthentic" likes and followers from the accounts that utilize third-party apps that help with inflating their popularity. Those who use these apps will receive a warning that the artificial attention, whether it be in comments, likes, or follows, will be removed.

In order for people to gain back the access to their accounts, they will need to actually change their passwords so that Instagram can regain security over their account and prevent others from gaining access. Utilizing inauthentic likes and follows has always been against the community guidelines and terms of service, but it is only now they are doing things to go ahead and fix the situation.

The main reason why it is happening now is because Instagram is trying to shift the attention over to the "stories" segment of the app. It is also the same time that Facebook is also going through cleaning up their activity on the site and closing down spam accounts. The overall goal both of these social media sites are trying to accomplish is delivering meaningful engagements that utilize authentic attention. Facebook had already announced earlier this month that they have already removed 85 Instagram accounts because they engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior. Instagram also gained scrutiny because they haven't done enough to remove hate posts but always stood behind security to focus on censoring nudity in photos.

Instagram is also trying to continue striving towards finding and reporting accounts that ruin the engagements by leaving fake and useless comments like, "Nice One" in order to get attention. They want to make engagements be natural and real.


If you are going to be using services online that help create engagement, then you are surely going to miss out on keeping the engagement because of the tools and online programs that Instagram is going to use to stop it. Your job is to focus on creating a safe space for your profile and strive towards simply posting content that you believe what best represents you. Instagram will be cracking down on all the fakes to ensure a genuine and honest platform.