5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Turbocharge Your Brand

5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Turbocharge Your Brand

Your company should be utilizing social media marketing right now to capture consumer spending during the holiday season

Social media is one of the best tools you can use to market your brand, but if you aren’t using it correctly, you could be wasting your time. Whether you’re new to social media marketing or you’re a seasoned veteran who has hit a snag, below are five tips to help you get the most out of your social media marketing efforts:

1. Post Relevant Content

One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make in social media marketing is posting irrelevant content. Always remember that people have chosen to follow your social media accounts because of your brand, so give them what they want: meaningful, engaging content that fits into your brand’s overall story. Before posting anything, think about the value it offers to the visitor. Posting irrelevant content is likely to result in people getting confused as to what your brand is, and they may even unfollow your accounts as a result.

2. Post Content Often

Alongside posting relevant content, you also need to post original content on a regular basis. Keep in mind, however, that there needs to be a balance in your posting schedule. Posting too often can overwhelm someone who is receiving notifications from your social media accounts, but posting too seldom may lead to your brand being ignored or even forgotten entirely. You need to find the right balance for your brand and its followers, but a good rule of thumb is to post at least a few pieces of original content per week.

3. Utilize Ecommerce Analytics

If you sell anything through your social media accounts, you need to be using ecommerce analytics tools to measure your efforts and see where they are paying off. Analytics tools for ecommerce provide feedback regarding where sales are coming from, the volume of sales and even projections for future sales opportunities. By using analytics tools, you can also see what types of content are generating the most interest so you can tailor your marketing efforts and focus on the social media accounts that need work.

4. Respond in a Timely Manner

Everyone is busy these days, and people want answers quickly when they have a concern or a question. This is especially true on social media because web users often have a short attention span when browsing different sites. As a result, make sure you’re monitoring your social media accounts regularly to answer questions that are either sent through a private message or that are posted publicly. Responding professionally and quickly can help your social media marketing efforts by potentially converting consumers into customers.

5. Engage the Community

You can also engage your local community to build support for your brand. This social media marketing approach allows your brand to be positioned not only as a thought leader online but also as a personalized part of the neighborhood. Consider holding a charitable event or helping out at a local charity. Make sure you and your employees wear clothing advertising the brand and try to incorporate your brand’s story in your work within the community. Take pictures and video at these events to post on social media, encourage others to spread the word and regularly post updates as the event approaches in order to gain attention to your brand and the cause you’re supporting.

Social media marketing is all about engagement, so make sure all of your efforts are directed toward making a connection. With this approach in mind, you’re more likely to gain followers who can then be converted into leads and customers. When done right, social media marketing will keep customers coming back again and again while spreading the word about your brand to others online.