Renovations - an investment in more than just your space

Renovations - an investment in more than just your space
almost 4 years ago

When you invest in a renovation, you’re investing in a physical space, but also in the business, and more importantly the people, that you’re hiring.

When you make the decision to renovate part of your home or business, the very next decision you make concerning this large investment is how much you’re willing to invest financially in your project. How much you invest in your project will of course vary depending on the size of the project you’re undertaking, your financial situation, and just how extensive you want the renovation to be. It’s a safe assumption though, that even if your renovation is a small one, it will still cost a fair amount. As the old adage goes, cheap labour isn’t skilled and skilled labour isn’t cheap. For most people though, the thought of their investment ends there. How much money will I spend on the materials and labour? That’s it…or is it? Consider this: you’re not only investing in your home, but you’re investing in the businesses you hire to do the work. Even more than that, you’re investing in the people you’re hiring that own, operate and work for these businesses. You’re ultimately investing in people.

Now that you know you’re investing in people, this investment seems to carry a lot more weight. When you call companies for estimates, and have 3 people come out to your home or business, and invite them into your space, you’re getting more than a piece of paper with a number on it. You’re getting their expertise, their skill, their knowledge, their hard work. When you ultimately choose a company to hire, you’re investing in them. You’re helping them to grow their business, grow their dream, accomplish their goals. You’re making a contribution to their success. If you hire the right company, and thus the right people, they will take your investment and invest it back into you. They will put in the time and effort to ensure your project is done right. They will make sure corners are not cut. They will work on your space like it is their own. They will appreciate your business, understanding that you had the choice to invest in anyone, but you chose them. A company that understands this will thank you for your investment in any number of ways, including a simple thank you card, a small gift, or possibly offering you an incentive for a future referral. Verve Electric Inc. is proud to be a company that understands the investment you make in us, and we in return want to invest back in you. We understand that our clients are not a part of our success and continued growth, but are the key to our success and growth. We are so proud to serve the people in our community, and have truly enjoyed forming the relationships we have had the chance to form in the past year. We are excited to continue to grow with you and give you the proper return on your investment.

Renovations - an investment in more than just your space

Holly Parsons and Nathan Parsons - Owners/Operators of Verve Electric Inc.