Home Control to the Rescue!

Home Control to the Rescue!

The convenience of home control is undeniable...especially when injured!

Last Monday it happened...I fell...and I fell hard.  You see, we have been in the process of renovating my office for about a year now, (that's a story for another day) and all of the "stuff" that was in the office, that didn't need to go back in, was moved to our bedroom...and there it sits.  It's on our to-do list, you know the one, the one that's about a mile long, that you say you'll get to on the weekend, but then the weekend rolls around and there are groceries to get, parks to visit and friends to catch up with.

So, back to me falling...I was going to get my son an extra blanket, (he likes to sleep in "Momma bed" sometimes, and he snores a lot less than my husband so I'm happy to oblige :) )  So, I am coming in with the extra blanket, not really watching where I'm going, and I trip over goodness-knows-what, and fall...HARD...into a pile of "stuff".  There was absolutely nothing graceful about this fall, and I assure you I have the scrapes and bruises to prove it.  I also have the knee injury to back it up.  Although I'm not sure exactly the damage that's been done, I do know extensive physio is in my future.  I also know that I will never again take for granted that I can bend my legs, because as it stands, I only have one leg that bends relatively well at the moment.

Falling was painful, not so much to my ego, but definitely physically.  But, do you know what really got to my ego, and quickly?  The fact that I can't do simple things anymore.  I can't simply get up and get a glass of water.  I have to take a good couple of minutes, with the help of my handy dandy "Activator Poles", to get up off the couch.  And let me tell you, this activity is neither pretty, nor painless.  It hurts a lot, and as such, I try to minimize the amount of times I do it in a day.  (I do try and stay on my feet as much as possible, as for me, staying active does help the healing process, but icing requires me to sit, so when I do, I try and stay down long enough to make it worth while.)

Home Control to the Rescue!

My current mode of transport

Not only can I not just grab a glass of water, I can't chase after my little guy, I can't run to the phone when a client calls, life is basically really difficult, and the simple things I took for granted are quite a challenge.  It's hard on my ego to have to admit I need help, but I have a wonderful husband and son who are happy to do whatever they can to assist me.  But, wherever possible, I like to exercise my independance, however limited.  That's where my Lutron Caseta home control system has saved the day.

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Lutron Caseta App

Although I do require help with many simple tasks, I do not have to wait for someone to help me turn my lights on or off, I can use my Lutron Caseta app for that.  Just a few days before my fall, we took the plunge and purchased and installed a nest thermostat that I can also control from my Lutron Caseta app.

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nest thermostat

This has been a game changer in our home for sure because I am CONSTANTLY asking my husband to adjust the temperature.  Since the fall, I want the temperature adjusted even more frequently because when I'm on the couch, I'm right in front of 2 vents, so when it does get hot, I cool off pretty quickly, and then want the air conditioning off right away.  Because I have the Lutron Caseta app, I can easily shut the air conditioning off, adjust the lights, and don't forget I can entertain myself too with music from my integrated Sonos speakers.  All this from one app, without me having to ask for help, or get up from the couch.  Home control saved the day and given me some of my independence back!

Based on my recent experiences, I would highly recommend home control to those who suffer with chronic pain, including the elderly in your family.  The app is extremely simple to operate, and we are happy to take care of all of the programming so that you as the operator can just worry about off/on.  If you would like more information on how home control can help you or your loved ones regain their independence, we would be happy to have an in-person consultation, as long as you're ok with me bringing along my "walking sticks" ;)

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