Lutron Caseta and Sonos: The Perfect Pair

Lutron Caseta and Sonos: The Perfect Pair

Integrate your Sonos speakers with your Lutron Caseta home control system to take your smart home to the next level.

As an avid music lover, I knew that when planning my office renovation  I had to make sure music was part of the plan.  I knew I could stream music from my computer, but I'm not a fan of ads and I don't find it overly reliable.  I also knew that I could just download a radio app on my phone, but I use my phone for business calls so that didn't seem overly practical.  Then I found out about Sonos speakers...then I found out that they integrated with Lutron Caseta's home control system, which was already part of my lighting control plan for my new office...Perfect...

"Verve Home - Lutron Caseta Home Control and Sonos Integration". YouTube, uploaded by Holly Parsons, 3 April 2017,

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