Different Types Of Insurance Policies To Save Your From Damages

Different Types Of Insurance Policies To Save Your From Damages

Today, possessing a car is still considered a luxury, and we take pride in our four-wheelers. Cars are one of our few properties we can not make safe. Some mishappening to your car or your life is bound to happen. The damages from a car accident can be beyond repair. Still, there is a way to minimize those damages in monetary terms. The car owner must possess car insurance for purposes of safety and security Law. It is mandatory to hold car insurance by law. Car insurance in SC bears complete expenses of the damages on your car. Car insurance companies offer various types of insurance as per the need of customers and the region the vehicle will drive in.

Types Of Car Insurance Covers:

Liability Insurance (BI/PD): This insurance covers all the loss expenses of the third party. It not only covers the damages and medical costs of that party, but they also bear funeral expenses. It provides you with legal fees if the third party files a lawsuit against you. This insurance coverage does not have any clause to cover the losses of you and your vehicle.

Collision Insurance: This insurance covers all the damages to your vehicle's collision. Rollovers and similar damages are also covered in it. These covers do not require any third party to be involved in the accident.

Comprehensive Insurance: These insurance covers are one step ahead of Collision Insurance. All the damages that are not caused due to the collision of your vehicle are covered in it. Damages that occurred due to theft, vandalism, natural disasters, and civil disturbances are insured under this insurance policy.

Medical Payments Insurance (MedPay): This type of insurance bears all medical expenses of you and your passengers, as is clear from its name. The Auto insurance South Carolina company will pay all the medical expenses even if the accident is caused due to your fault.

Personal Injury Protection Insurance (PIP): Although both MedPay and PIP work on the same principle, PIP offers more benefits than MedPay. MedPay covers all medical expenses of you and your passengers, whereas PIP also covers loss of wages and treatment expenses along with all medical expenses. It is also called no-fault insurance.

Tips To Find Suitable Insurance For Your Car:

Know the excellent value of your car and buy insurance according to it. If you have an old car, do not go for a high premium plan as you can repair it from the outside at a meager price.

If you have additional safety features installed in your car, let the insurance company know about it. In that case, insurance companies provide various discounts to car owners. Those discounts might decrease your monthly premium.

Always go for a plan that comprehensively covers all the expenses in case of an accident or damage.

If your insurance is about to be over and you want to change your insurance company, then get insured before the end date of the previous policy.