Ten Remedies to Overcome Delay in marriage

Ten Remedies to Overcome Delay in marriage

Is there any remedy to overcome delay in marriage for boys and girls?

Is there any remedy to overcome delay in marriage for boys and girls? There can be many reasons for delay in marriage. Sometimes it’s for good to face delays in marriage. Why so? If not getting the desired outcomes, the destiny may have some better plans for future as can be analyzed through the birth chart. If there is an influence of malefic planets at the 7th house, it is better to get married later in life. It is because malefic planets tend to create problems in married life and if a person marries after the maturity age of the malefic planet, his/her married life runs smooth. Since, many people wish to get married early in life. They can follow any of the effective remedy as given in this write up. But first it’s important to know the astro reason of marriage delay with the kundli analysis of the individual.

Remedies for Early marriage by Astrology

Before knowing which remedy to follow for an early marriage. The individual should know the reason for delay in marriage. As it is through rectifying the problem causing planet, a marriage can be facilitated.

The seventh house is the house of marriage. The benefic and malefic influence at the 7th house predicts early or late marriage. The position and strength of karaka of marriage i.e. Jupiter and Venus has to be checked to know about the possibility of smooth or troubled married life.

If Saturn or Sun is present in the 7th house or exert their influence on the 7th house, the native tends to face delays in marriage.

The presence of Ketu in seventh house also causes delays and sometimes shows lack of interest in marital relations.

Mars in the 7th house causes aggression in relation. The maturity age of Mars is 28 years- such person should marry after 28 years of age to avoid problems in marriage.

If the seventh lord is combust, debilitated or is placed in trik bhava, the native faces problems in getting married. There are problems after marriage as well.

A combust, weak or retrograde planet in the 7th house also causes problems in married life. They don’t allow marriage to occur easily and put several hurdles in getting married.

If Jupiter or Venus are placed weak or placed in bad houses in the birth chart, the native fails to derive marital bliss in life.

Hence, it is only after identifying the planet causing delays or troubles in marriage that remedy for its rectification is suggested by the best astrologer.

10 Remedies to overcome delay in marriage for boys or girls

Make donations at a girl’s wedding – There is an old saying whatever you send to the universe comes back to you. Karmas have to be faced whether good or bad. So, if you donate to the needy people especially rendering help in their marriage, you tend to get good fortunes related to marriage. The planet Saturn judges our karma and either punishes or rewards us based on that. Saturn causes delays in marriage, and there may be shani dosha in the janam kundli which would be rectified through this remedy. One should try and donate at the wedding of a poor girl or boy through whatever means. This nullifies the obstacles as caused by the planet Saturn and facilitate early marriage.

Don’t waste food or other eatables- There are many Astrologers who will suggest pouring milk or other offerings at Shivalinga. These things were ok when eatables were in abundance but now it is not appreciated when many kids starve in scarcity. Donate food to others rather than pouring them on idols or shivlinga. This will make deity even happier and he will remove every kind of obstacle in your way of marriage. Whenever you make offerings in the temple, it should be in such a way that it is not wasted and put to good use. Even food at home shouldn’t be wasted. It is a confirmed way to seek Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Pour haldi or turmeric in your bathing water- Turmeric is associated with the planet Jupiter. Using haldi in the bathing water helps to attain the blessings of Lord Jupiter who facilitates early marriage and removes all the troubles in one’s marriage. Alternatively one may use more of haldi and chana daal in meals. One should also apply a tilak of saffron and haldi at forehead.

Worship Goddess Durga – Goddess Durga is known to remove evils caused by the planet Rahu. If a girl or boy is afflicted with Rahu dosha, she/he should worship Goddess Durga. This will eradicate delay in marriage soon.

Observe fast for 16 consecutive Mondays – If a girl is facing delays in marriage then observing fasts for consecutive 16 Mondays is really helpful. Perform jalabhiseka of Shivlinga and worship both Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

Recite the Gauri Shankar mantra – Chanting of the Gauri Shankar Mantra removes obstacles and facilitate early marriage for a native.

Feed green fodder to cows – Another very effective remedy to remove delays in marriage is through feeding cows with green fodder or spinach.

Keep yourself clean and fragrant- The boy or girl aspiring marriage should take bath regularly and get dressed nicely. Pour fragrances after bath, this will help in attaining the blessing of Venus for getting married early.

Put a lock and key at the crossing – This is another popular remedy which helps to remove all kinds of obstacles in marriage. For this, one has to buy a new lock and then put it under the pillow along with the key. Then put this lock at the crossing while it is locked. Don’t look back after putting it at the crossing.

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So, these are few remedies which can be used by a person facing delays in marriage. We suggest identifying the planet causing delays in marriage with a consultation with the best astrologer. Then efforts should be done to pacify and remove the ill-effects of that planet. This confirms removing all kind of obstacles and problems in marriage.

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