Which Planets and Their Positions Represents Loss in Business

Which Planets and Their Positions Represents Loss in Business

If your kundli suggests a job and you forcibly try your luck in business, then fall is certain!

It is secondary to know which planet will cause losses. First of all, it is important to determine whether your birth chart supports business or not. Not everyone can do business! And the reason behind someone’s failure in business is probably the non-existence of business yoga in that person’s kundli. Business astrology helps to determine whether a person is meant for a business or job. If your kundli suggests a job and you forcibly try your luck in business, then fall is certain!

But some people have business yoga but still can’t get desired results or face constant losses. The reason behind this may lie in the wrong choice of business or the malefic placement of planets. In this write-up, we will try to understand which planets and their positions may cause a loss in business per kundli.

The houses of business

In a horoscope, the seventh, tenth, and eleventh house are seen for the possibility of business. However, the strength of the second house, which is a house of wealth, is also necessary as a business gives gains, and if the second house is not in a good position, the native may not earn through business.

Astrology for business failure suggests that any connection between the seventh and tenth house and strong ascendants give definite indications of business for the native. Now, if these houses are under the affliction of malefic planets like Rahu, Saturn, or Ketu, then the native may possibly face losses in business.

Which planet is responsible for the business loss?

Luminaries – The Sun and the Moon are important while predicting the failure or success in a business. The Moon belongs to trader community while narrating the significations of the planet. Thus any affliction to the Moon may cause discrepancies in the smooth flow of the business. Similarly, the Sun which indicates power and recognition, should also be strong to predict success in business. A person with weak Sun and Moon can’t take independent decisions and commit losses due to their fickle mind and lack of confidence. If the luminaries are under affliction or weak there is a possibility of losses in business during their dasha period. However, it is said in Astrology that for good things to happen in life, both the luminaries should be strong.

Mercury- The planet Mercury is a very important planet to see for success or failure of business. Mercury represents trade and if it is placed in the fourth or tenth houses or make any associations with their Lords, the native may successfully do business. Now, if Mercury is weak in the abovementioned houses by being placed in the debilitation or inimical sign. There are possibilities of losses in trade or business. A combust Mercury placed anywhere can also cause losses in business because the native lacks the required intelligence to carry on the business activities properly.

Venus- Venus represents finance; if a person has a weak Venus, they may face trouble getting sufficient finances. A combust, debilitated or weak Venus may not give sufficient finances required to set up a business. Moreover, the person also doesn’t earn sufficiently through business if Venus doesn’t support.

The twelfth Lord- the lord of the twelfth house in a birth chart is known to bring separating tendencies to the specifications of the house it is placed in. thus, if the 12th Lord is sitting in the tenth house, there is a possibility of lack of interest in career or business of the native. If, unfortunately, it is connected with the 7th house, the person also makes huge losses in its dasha.

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The 8th house and its Lord- The 8th house is a house of loss of fortunes. In the dasha period of the 8th house Lord or the planet sitting there, possibilities of theft, deceit, and losses are there.

Thus, to see losses in business, mainly the houses of business as mentioned above and their lords should be in a position of fall. The planets like Rahu, Ketu, and Saturn, which show a separating tendency, may also cause losses in business. A business horoscope gives valuable information about the business of a native. One must get it!

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