Which Planet is Responsible for Delay in Childbirth

Which Planet is Responsible for Delay in Childbirth

Childbirth brings immense joy and a sense of completion to a couple’s life. It is seen as starting a new blooming phase in any married couple’s life.

Childbirth brings immense joy and a sense of completion to a couple’s life. It is seen as starting a new blooming phase in any married couple’s life. Begetting worthy and noble children is a blessing and is majorly seen as the fruits of our previous deeds. But does the dream of getting children at the right age come true for all? Many of the couples struggle with delay in childbirth, and sometimes even they have to settle with no bliss of parenthood. Child astrology may predict the problems coming your way towards becoming happy parents and help you overcome those obstacles with the most effective astrological remedies. If you wish to know when you will become parents, then take hints from Astrology!

बच्चों के जन्म में देरी का ज्योतिषीय कारण

Childbirth as per Astrology

We witness many times people facing trouble conceiving a child for various reasons. Even after undergoing several medical treatments and checkups, the females don’t conceive a child. Even males don’t see any hope after following every possible medical suggestion. In such miserable and sadistic situations, Astrology gives a ray of hope. Sometimes, our medical experts can’t see what a learned astrologer can analyze. The planetary influences in our birth chart significantly influence all aspects of our life, and childbirth or progeny is not an exception. The childbirth prediction in Astrology may suggest the chances and timings of conceiving a child successfully.

Which house determines fertility?

In astrology, the fifth house is known as the “santaan bhava” or the house of children and progeny. The situation of the fifth house in birth chart decides whether you will get happiness from your children or not. It contains all relevant information related to your child, their well-being, personality, and mental traits. If the fifth house and its Lord are in a good position in the horoscope, then you are certain to derive happiness from the children. If a couple is facing delays in childbirth then it is a clear indication that in any of the partner’s chart, the fifth house is under major affliction. In that case, a learned astrologer analyzes both of the charts and tries to find out the reasons for delay in childbirth. The careful reading of the D-1 chart and a deep analysis of the D-7 or saptamsha chart also indicate reasons for delays or other problems in childbirth.

Which planet is responsible for delay in childbirth?

● First of all, Jupiter- the natural karaka of children holds the prime most significance for childbirth. The position and association of Jupiter may very well explain the reasons behind delays and other obstructions in childbirth.

● The fifth house and its Lord, if afflicted with malefics like Ketu, Saturn and Mars, the fifth house and its Lord also create troubles in progeny.

● Saturn is known to delay things, and if it is placed in the fifth house or makes any conjunction with the fifth Lord, then there would be delay in the child birth. However, the rashi placement of Saturn will also matter as it may not cause problems if placed in exaltation or its own or friendly sign.

● The fifth house or its Lord makes associations with the Lord of trik i.e. sixth, eighth and twelfth houses.

● When the 5th lord is placed in an inauspicious house or is debilitated, the child's birth is delayed.

● If the affliction carries forward in the navamsa and the saptamsha division, then also there would be lack of happiness of children or progeny.

● If Ketu is placed in the fifth house, there is a delay in the child's birth.

● The presence of Jupiter in the 5th house if not in its own, exaltation or friendly sign may also create problems in childbirth as the rule of karko bhav nashay applies here.

● In astrology, there are terms called kshetra sphuta and beej sphuta, the astrologer checks these for the female and male charts, respectively. The determination of these factors helps determine the couple's potency to bear a child.

Which planet is associated with children?

In astrology, Jupiter is considered the karaka of childbirth. While making a baby horoscope, if Jupiter is found afflicted in all D-1, D-7, and D-9 charts, then there is a strong possibility of facing obstacles in childbirth. As a karaka of santaan or child, Jupiter has to be in a good position in the birth chart. Similarly, Venus, a karaka of semen for males, also indicates the possibility of problems in progeny if placed afflicted in the birth chart. The affliction or weakness of Venus may create a lack of semen production in males to hamper the successful bearing of a child by the female. If placed in the seventh house, Mercury also indicates the problem in childbearing due to the shortcoming of the male partner. Mercury is called the eunuch planet in Astrology and its placement in the house of spouse is not appreciated for sexual pleasure and thus childbearing.

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