Best Way to Handle Court Cases as per Astrology

Best Way to Handle Court Cases as per Astrology

Astrology may predict everything about your life including court cases.

Astrology may predict everything about your life including court cases. Whether you are going to face litigation in your life or whether there are any chances of going to the jail or facing legal punishments, all can be predicted through planetary placements in your birth chart. Astrology may help a native to know the negative yoga present in the kundli leading to court cases or litigation. Planets have their own tale to tell and one needs an expert astrologer to decode and translate the same in understandable language. Let’s understand what astrological factors determine possibilities of court cases in a kundli.

Court cases as per birth chart

The court cases if any are indicated in the birth chart of a person. A learned astrologer may predict the chances of court cases/litigation in a given kundli. There are certain planets and houses responsible for litigation or a court case. The malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are mainly responsible for a court case. Not all have same mindset and there are people who deliberately wish to go into litigations for their greed and never ending desires. On the other hand, there are others who have no other option but to seek justice through courts. Then there are others who have been forcibly dragged to the court cases by the opponents. Different people face litigation under different circumstances. The variation is caused due to the influence of the planets and houses in a kundli. The strength of lagna matters a lot while pushing someone into a court case. A strong ascendant saves you from getting trapped into litigation by giving you strong mindset and creating circumstances for not filing any case against you by the opponent.

There are many parties to a court case like the complainant, the sued, witnesses, judge, lawyers, police officials and others. They all have been depicted by different houses of a kundli and a deep analysis of the kundli may help understand the involvement of these candidates and the resulting win or lose of a native. The remedies too are mainly based on their involvement at the planetary levels along with the dasha and transit of the planets. An astrologer may successfully predict the chances of win or lose as well. Only Astrology may help in finding out the pros and cons of legal cases and may accurately predict about the outcome.

Which house is responsible for legal issues?

The first house – The first house shows the person himself. It is the most important and prime house of the birth chart and may indicate signs of legal issues in astrology. A weak first house along with presence of other signs may indicate possibility of legal cases. A weak ascendant doesn’t save you from litigation and makes you vulnerable to get trapped in legal troubles forced by others.

The sixth house- This is the main house seen for litigations in any birth chart. The 6th house is a house of litigation and signifies diseases, loans and enemies also. It is believed that a malefic placed in the sixth house makes you win in any kind of litigations. A weak 6th house or any affliction to its Lord invites legal troubles and disputes in a person’s life. The person will have to tackle a court case in the dasha or antar dasha of the 6th lord or planets placed in the sixth house.

The seventh house- The seventh house of your birth chart indicates your opponents. If the seventh house is stronger than the sixth house then there are chances of your opponents winning the case. A strong 7th house also indicates that you should settle the case instead of fighting as a strong 7th house shows good relations with the outside public.

The eighth house- The eighth house is a house of punishments and obstacles to be faced by a person in his/her life. Any connection between the 6th and 8th house may predict punishment through a legal case.

The twelfth house - The twelfth house is a house of jail and also shows losses and expenses. An afflicted 12th house may send you to long imprisonment, hospitalization or isolation depending upon other yogas present in the kundli. A weak ascendant lord if placed in any of trik bhavas like 6th, 8th, 12th then there is a possibility of going to a jail or fine or both in case of litigation.

Which planet is responsible for jail?

The karmkaraka Saturn punishes the native for the bad deeds committed in the past lives. Thus, Saturn is the main planet to send a person to jail. A weak or afflicted Saturn with planets like Rahu, Mars and ketu creates possibilities of going to jail. The 12th house is a house of imprisonment and if an afflicted or weak Saturn makes associations with the 12th house then there is a possibility of going to a jail.

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Do I have Bandhan yoga?

Bandhan yoga is a yoga that restricts your movement it may be either due to long illness or imprisonment. Sometimes a person has to remain in bed due to long illness. So, it has to be observed carefully whether the person will face long illness or imprisonment. If Saturn and Rahu influence the 1st, 2nd, 5th and 9th houses then there is a possibility of staying in prison. Moreover, the karaka of these houses i.e. Jupiter is also placed in affliction then there are strong chances of imprisonment or isolation. Proper astrological remedies may save you from undesired situations of staying in bandhan or restriction. An astrological guidance is mandatory for any kind of court cases as a detection of a favorable dasha for you may help you overcome adversities posed by the legal issues.

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