Prediction of Share Market and Trading by Birth Chart

Prediction of Share Market and Trading by Birth Chart

A factor of luck is involved in the share markets, and that is the key factor to succeed in this venture.

Let us briefly glimpse at specific reasons why shares are important. History has proven that long-term equity returns yield better than returns from cash or bonds. However, stock prices fluctuate at the drop of a hat. Also, consider the long-term perspective with respect to your equity portfolio because these fluctuations straighten themselves over a long period. Taxes and inflation have a direct say over your wealth. Equity investments help you treat tax better over the long term, which can slow down the wily effects of taxes and inflation. One must not forget that dividends provided by some companies can provide you with a regular stream of investment income and enhance your returns. In the succeeding paragraphs, we examine Share market prediction by birth chart.

Do we need the luck to succeed in stocks and shares?

A factor of luck is involved in the share markets, and that is the key factor to succeed in this venture.

However, one should check whether luck favors him on the share market side and how. Share market astrology would correctly point out if success is ordained for a native in this area, shares and stocks are meant to make quick and huge money. We need the luck to succeed in stocks and shares.

Certain yogas facilitate this kind of income through stocks and shares. The possibility of Profits can be figured out using the share market horoscope. One needs to have Dhana yoga for this. Rely on astrology using birth chart for share trading to help you out.

How is Share market prediction by birth chart done?

Share market success or failure relies on the yoga that is present in the horoscope. Houses that rule the aspect of wealth in a nativity are 1,2,4,9,10,11 houses. Jupiter stands for wealth and Venus for luxury and worldly comforts. So, both these planets have to be analyzed. Having the presence of dhan yoga, as well as beneficial planets that support it, is necessary. Out of these, the strongest planet would direct you towards some sector for stocks where you can invest. As per the kundli analysis, the houses in the chart too should point towards success in shares. Lastly, the gochar and Dasha of different planets need to be gauged for results. For example, a strong sun in birth chart indicates the power sector, nuclear energy, media and government, and public sector shares. The trade commodities represented by the sun are gold, copper, bronze, gunmetal, explosives, ruby, and Sulphur. So, a strong sun accentuates the possibilities of success in trading and stocking in these sectors. Share market prediction by the birth chart is done in this way. Let us glance through the houses and planets that cause success or failure in stocks and trades.

What are the Share Trading Combinations in Astrology?

Ascendant lord in conjunction with the second house lord augurs well for wealth. Lord of second house in eleventh and vice versa also indicate Dhana yoga. Ascendant lord occupying the tenth house constitutes a Dhan yoga in which the native earns better than his parents. 9th house lord and 7th house lord, in mutual association, bestow Dhana yoga. Mutually supportive lords of the 9th and the 2nd house constitute Dhana yoga, these are the share trading combinations in astrology. A learned astrologer can also make share market predictions by the birth chart.

Do you have astrological predictions for stock markets?

Some combinations determine the rate of success or loss in trading and stocks. The ascendant speaks for the self of the native, whereas the 2nd house stands for wealth. The fifth house rules speculative ventures, intuition, foreign trading, and currency, and then there is the eighth house brings on sudden gains, which is crucial to the business of stocks and shares. The 9th house that builds the fortune of the native is the last of all. These above houses should be well fortified and occupied so that the profits at the stocks and shares will greatly increase.

Amongst the planets, Jupiter, Moon, mercury, and Rahu oversee the luck of the native in the stock and shares business. Jupiter signifies wealth, and Moon, the business mind, and speculative capabilities. Mercury intellect brain-mind emotions Rahu stands for expansion, illusions, and sudden life changes. These planets also determine which sector and commodity the native should be handled with respect to shares and stocks. These astrological predictions for stock markets help one know if he is taking the right direction.

What precautions must be taken to avoid losses at large?

Overall, the market is never easy to predict. Hence avoid overtrading as it results in more brokerage and losses. Remember that the adage "buy at lows and sell at highs is a myth that the gullible mind desperately clings to. Other than that, check your reward to risk ratio. Modify your entry and exit points as per requirements. Take some time to understand the charts rather than relying on emotions. Wrong decisions can turn your monetary scenario topsy turvy. Be psychologically prepared for that, only after achieving targets book profits. Lastly, do not unduly rely on market experts alone. Take these precautions to avoid losses at large.