Effect of Mars in Different Houses!

Effect of Mars in Different Houses!

Mars or Mangal, in the horoscope, finds an important place for being an aggressive and ferocious planet.

Mars or Mangal, in the horoscope, finds an important place for being an aggressive and ferocious planet. Holding perfect representation of energy, dynamism, heat, the effects of Mars in Kundli introduce a native with vigorous outcomes.

If we go back to mythological stories in Hinduism, this Graha – Mangal is known as the Bhumi Putra which means Earth’s Son. As per mythological stories, once the Earth was going to submerge in the sea and at that time, Lord Vishnu lifted our Earth placing it at an appropriate orbit in the incarnation of Lord Varaha.

At that time, Lord Varaha gifted a red coral to the Earth as a token of love, but that coral was dropped in the ocean by the Earth. From the same Coral, Mars took birth, and that is why Mars is also known as Bhoomi Putra. Hence Mars belongs to Lord Vishnu and Earth, it is full of strong aspects and dynamism, which are easy to see in people having the effect of Mars in Kundali.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi – the renowned astrological consultant in India, tells us how effective (good or bad) Mars can be if positioned in any house in Janma Kundali. Here we’ve covered all the houses and their relationship with Mars. So, let’s understand how Mars can influence your life when being in different houses in horoscopes.

Mars placement in 1st House of Kundali –

The placement of Mars in Kundali’s 1st House brings positive as well as negative outcomes in the Native’s life. Talking about positives, it makes the person be active at their professional front. These people are full of courage and very powerful. Enthusiasm and energy are the main characteristics of these natives. Their vision is clear and hence they religiously follow a certain path to achieve their dreams.

Coming to negatives related to Mars’ placement in 1st House of Kundali, it facilitates the hasty choices that may be a disaster. Activeness sometimes becomes over and that lands the native to unwanted issues, and it keeps on happening again and again.

Mars effect in 2nd House in Kundali –

Mars in the 2nd House of your Kundali would result in making you a risk-taker or adventurous in nature. Hard work, bold attitude is something natural in these natives. Using their inside energy, these people make a lot of money in life and find everything they desire for. Just as plus points, this placement also introduces some minuses, including assertiveness in the Native’s nature. The over energy puts the Native into unrequired quarrels. Sometimes, these natives find issues with communication as well.

Mars effect in 3rd House in Kundali –

In Kundali, if Mars in 3rd House, it affects the communication strength of the Native. Especially when it comes to speaking one’s heart out, they hardly share their opinion on anything. Though they are knowledgeable at different subjects, they can’t convey things in a wrapped-up condition. As they are more like direct communicators. These natives are very adventurous in nature and hence, they are highly prone to get into accidents or fatalities. Temper issues and poor decision-making are also seen in these natives.

Mars effect in 4th House of Kundali –

If in the Kundali, Mars is in the 4th House, it brightens the fortune of Native in fields of real estate, wealth, luxurious lifestyle and comforts. As per the Vedic astrology, the natives with this dasha of their horoscope are very resistive and have a pure positive mindset to achieve whatever they determine.

In negative aspects, the effect drags the native to unnecessary longing, short-tempered nature, insufficient knowledge and aggressiveness. Sometimes, the self-centered nature of the Native leads to relationship issues and misunderstandings.

Mars effect in 5th House of Kundali –

Mars placement in the 5th House of Kundali leads the native to be enthusiastic and full of energy in various aspects of life. They often demonstrate an honest approach to life with a tendency to live up a positive life. Respecting family and everyone in their circle is their usual virtue. Romance and love are certain for them.

Mars in the 5th House does not only give positive outcomes but also brings negative results like aggressive and reckless nature. Abusive behavior of the Native. Very critical issues in relationships that might lead to separation.

Mars effect in 6th House of Kundali –

If Mars is present in the 6th House of horoscope, it makes the native work-oriented. Hard work and consistent efforts are usually to be seen in them. They are often skilled in management, sorting things out and also analysis tasks. Talking about adverse effects, these natives are very aggressive and impatient. It is pretty difficult for them to cope up with people who are not as fast and efficient as they are. They can’t take things lightly if it is going out of their way.

Mars effect in 7th House –

In Kundali, if Mars is in the 7th House, it showers with long-lasting blessings to the Native. In marriage, these natives find prosperity and happiness. They find emotional and all required support from their life partners.

The negative effect of Mars leads to disturbed relationships with low sexual desire and declining romancing tendency for partners. Sometimes, such couples find love outside their marriage.

Mars effect in 8th House –

The 8th house placement in mars leads to making the native ardent. They are known to be highly zealous and passionate about everything. They have great intuition power with a good catch overseeing through the wrongdoings of others.

The negative effect of Mars in 8th House of Kundali is observed as the Native is easily attracted to people around. This tendency develops a feeling of over possessiveness in them and hence, they find it too difficult to let their loved ones go from their life.

Mars in 9th House of Kundali –

If Mars is in the 9th House of horoscope it makes the person adventurous in nature. To unwrap the truth, they put a lot of effort. Focused on ambitions and encouraged towards achieving what they targeted at are qualities common to be seen in them.

They are polite and also very rigid at times. They follow their certain philosophy in life. They like to walk on their own path and they never like to be a follower of anyone. They are dedicated towards religion and prefer people around who should follow what their beliefs are.

Mars in 10th House in Kundali –

Mars in the 10th House of Kundali makes the native highly career-focused. To achieve professional goals, they go beyond any limit and their approach works as motivation for others. To grow at their professional front, they don’t require a lot of effort as they easily grasp things and become master of things they take in hand. Their activeness in their professional life is an inspiration and similarly they manage their personal life in a commendable way.

Though the bad effect of Mars in 10th House leads the native to feel attraction towards negatives in life. They have a tendency to think about the negative aspects of things. Due to such a negative approach, their growth sometimes becomes restricted.

Mars in 11th House of Kundali –

When Mars is found in the 11th House of horoscope, it means the Native receives a lot of blessings and growth in life. Such natives are often found to be wealthy, happy and virtuous. They are focused around their life goals and prefer spending quality time over setting up goals. In their own circle, they gel up so well and act as a motivator to others.

Talking about negative things coming with Mars in 11th House of Kundali, it creates several critical hurdles in life that restricts the success in goal achievement. They are narrow-minded and very judgemental at times.

Mars in 12th House of Kundali –

If in the Kundali, Mars is in the 12th House, it makes the Native very compassionate and lover of peace. Taking up challenges with happiness is a great virtue of these natives. They get motivation from themselves and love to solve issues on their own.

Mars is a powerful planet and its effect in Kundali plays a vital role in various circumstances of life. From affecting marital life to career opportunities, there are so many things influenced by the effect of Mars in a house in your Kundali.

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