Child Birth Prediction - An Overwhelming Experience For Soon-to-Be Parents

Child Birth Prediction - An Overwhelming Experience For Soon-to-Be Parents

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi – a renowned astrology consultant is going to share some secrets of child astrology by which any couple can find satisfactory answers.

When will we be blessed with our first child? When will our baby arrive in our life? What will be the birth date of our child, and my first child will be a girl or a boy. There are so many questions that revolve around our mind when we plan for a baby. Baby birth prediction is all about addressing concerns that you might have related to your child birth.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi – a renowned astrology consultant is going to share some secrets of child astrology by which any couple can find satisfactory answers related to childbirth.

With years of expertise in astrology, Dr. Bajrangi addresses a variety of concerns of couples who struggle with pregnancy issues, unsuccessful efforts in planning extended family, and many others. By consulting Dr. Bajrangi, you can make your journey to become parents even more delightful and special as he expertise in child prediction by date of birth with the most accurate results.

Baby birth prediction astrology relates to Houses in your Horoscope

The houses in your horoscope can give you accurate prediction. The Vedic astrology is based on a variety of astrological indicators from which houses of birth chart are the major influencers. Astrological reading around these houses help an astrologer find answers related to child birth. Any hindrance or likelihood of the child birth can be predicted by evaluating these houses.

Let’s go deep into the details of various houses influencing child birth prediction –

Here are the houses and other factors which influences child birth prediction in astrology.

5th house in Kundli – A house defines the chances of being blessed with one or more children in life. Connection of 5th house with good planets such as Moon, Venus and Jupiter in Native’s support represent a good growth of foetus. On the contrary, the effect of the Sun, Mars, Rahu and Ketu which are malefic planets might not give happy outcomes in respect to child birth.

Lord of 5th house in Kundli – The zodiac sign falling over the 5th house’ cusp is ruled by the lord of 5th house. Therefore, based on the 5th house lord, the astrologer can predict if you will become parents of a baby girl or a baby boy. In addition, if the lord of the 5th house is found in houses like 8th, 12 or even 6th, it might come up with disastrous outcomes. On the contrary, if the 5th lord is in the 9th house which is regarded as an auspicious house, it will open up the doors of good time.

Moon in the Kundli –

If in the Kundali, Moon is placed in 5th house, and receives good links with other planets, it results in the prospects of having several children for the native. Though if there is a conjunction of Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, it might deter the chances of finding the delight of parenthood.

Saptamasha or D7 Chart in Kundali for Childbirth Prediction –

In childbirth prediction, there is a great significance of reading Saptamasha or D7 Chart as it provides detailed vision into the prospects of a childbirth in the native’s life. By paying attention to the D7 Chart, the astrologer can predict the child’s gender, happiness from your children and even grandkids, child birth etc. The D7 chart is divided into 7 sections of 4 degrees equally and also in 17 minutes.

Couples having difficulty in child birth or have a poor history of pregnancy like miscarriage, conceiving related issues can find great help if a good astrologer analyses this part of Kundali.

Jupiter’s role in child birth prediction –

Jupiter graha is the ruler of Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs and is a key signifiactor in the child birth prediction for astrologers. In Kundali, if there is weak Jupiter and is placed in 6th, 8th or even 12th house, it dumps the childbirth chances.

Let’s understand this concept – Good or Bad Zodiac Signs

There is no good or bad zodiac signs, but there is good or bad influence of Zodiac signs on any person. When it comes to predicting child birth, the zodiac signs like Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer are read as favorable signs, whereas Aries, Leo and Virgo are known as unfavorable or poor outcome providers. Besides these signs, all remaining cater to a mixture of outcomes. In case, the 5th house is just at the edge of a bad factor, it might trim down the chances of a childbirth.

Dr. Vinay Bajrangi masters in Kundli Gyan and using his years of expertise in astrology, he delivers the matchless consultation to people. To find astrological aid for making your efforts in childbirth, visit us online or offline now and bring happiness at your home.

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