Bonding Experience

Bonding Experience

At UC Baby® Cambridge 3D Ultrasound Center we bring special moments to your life, your family and friends, that will last a lifetime.

Your Bonding Experience at UC Baby® Cambridge 3D Ultrasound Center

At UC Baby Cambridge we have state of art equipment and experienced ultrasound technicians that love bringing special moments to your life.

If you are looking for the best 3D ultrasound service in Cambridge, UC Baby® Cambridge is the number one choice for pregnant ladies and medical professionals. You and your family will cherish the beautiful bonding experience with the baby during 3D ultrasound session. This ultrasound technology makes the experience a lifetime memory as you watch your baby’s movements, facial expressions and even smiles with our 4D ultrasound technology.

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140 Hespeler Road, Unit D, Cambridge ON N1R 3H2

Call: 519-620-2240

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Gift Certificates

UC Baby® Cambridge feels Gift Certificates are a great way to give that special person a unique baby shower gift, a memorable mother-and-child bonding experience, or something under the tree this holiday for Grandparents. You can choose the amount.

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We Create a Bonding Experience

We enhance your experience with our high quality 3D and 4D ultrasounds. We add Live Broadcast and Video On Demand features to your session so you can share the experience with your families and friends anywhere in the world.

UC Baby Cambridge Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound

Sharing Special Moments

You can share special moments with Your loved ones, friends and family. You can invite up to six people into our 3D ultrasound room for your session while eight more people can watch the special experience through our Live Broadcast services.

At UC Baby® Cambridge, we don’t rush your service, as your bonding experience and relaxation are more important than our time.

Is it a Boy or Girl

If you are excited to learn whether it’s a boy or a girl, you can get the right answer at UC Baby® Cambridge. We can proudly claim that all our determinations have turned out to be true.

UC Baby Cambridge Ultrasound

Boy or Girl

140 Hespeler Road, Unit D, Cambridge ON N1R 3H2



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