How to Offer Multi-Service with Gojek Clone

How to Offer Multi-Service with Gojek Clone

Now offer 52+ services with one application. Learn how to Offer Multi-Service with Gojek Clone

Technology is growing at a rapid rate. Mobile phones have become an essential routine of our daily lives. People are living busy and hectic lives, they want quick solutions for their daily needs. To fulfill all their needs and demands directly at their doorsteps, businesses need an application for it. This demand has led to the introduction of a multi-service app like gojek. Gojek is a multi-service app based in Indonesia, they have worked on a concept called All-In-One app. This concept went viral and was accepted by millions of people.

This concept has attracted many startups and entrepreneurs. The main reason for the success of this application was that, Earlier, if a business wanted to offer 5 services, then they needed to develop 5 apps separately for each service. With the introduction of Gojek Clone app, startups can now offer all these 5 services with one application. Gojek Clone is the replica of the original application and it can be easily modified as per your business needs and requirements.

Services That can be offered by Gojek Clone app

These services are majorly divided into 3 categories:

Ride-Hailing Services: Taxi rental, bike rental, taxi ride, scooter ride, all these services are possible with this all-in-one application.

Delivery Services: Now deliver grocery, medicine, food, courier, all these services with one application.

Other Services: Doctor consultancy, babysitter, plumber, carpenter, painter, offer these services directly at your customer doorsteps with gojek clone app.

Must-Have Feature in Gojek Clone App

Such specialized and custom-tailored application development needs an expert app development company or app developers team. Before investing keep these features in mind to make your application attractive and feature-rich.

User Rating and Review

In-Built Chat Feature

GPS Tracker

Schedule Booking

Instant Login

These features make your application snappy and safe to use.