Gojek Clone Solution for Multi-Service Startups

Gojek Clone Solution for Multi-Service Startups

Offer 52+ Services with Gojek Clone Solution. Start your own Multi-Service Startup with our All-In-One Solution

The world is dealing with a pandemic situation right now, People avoid going outside as much as they can. To conveniently provide goods and services directly to customer’s doorsteps, many offline vendors have started their own mobile applications to serve their customers. It is the right time for startups and young entrepreneurs to take a step into the development of a multi-service app.

People are not much going outside, offering multi-service to them with one application can give a boost to your business. This All-in-one application is also known as Gojek Clone. As the name suggests it is a look-alike of Indonesian application. The market is full of app development companies and expert app developers, before choosing the best application for your business, decide your targeted area of operation and budget. Let's Discuss Customer app features you need to look out for.

Multi-Service App ( Customers App Features)

Profile Login and Registration: Easy Registration process makes your application gain more users and profit. Your application should support login with social media accounts like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter. As it is handy and can help users to quickly login to your application.

Schedule Service/Booking: Offering services at the customer’s preferred time increases your brand goodwill and trust. Your user should schedule their appointment as per their preferences.

Offer 52+ Services: We know managing all business with separate applications is a very hectic and time-consuming task. We have innovated the Gojek Clone app that lets you offer more than 52+ services with one app solution. From ride-hailing services to doctor consultation, everything is possible with one app solution.

Service Estimation Cost: Your application should run in a transparent manner, with no hidden terms and conditions, Estimate service cost should be clearly mentioned at the time of placing a request by the customer. By knowing the estimate users can decide whether to opt for it or not.

Live Tracking: This feature is extremely important for any application, user and administrator should be able to track the live location of the service provider. This also increases the overall safety of the customers.