4 Garden Salads to Make This Season

4 Garden Salads to Make This Season

Salads are a fantastic side or main dish that you can throw together in a flash. With all the spring and summer produce available, a garden salad will be the perfect addition to your next meal. You’ll love the following collection of delicious and unique salads that use fresh ingredients from home gardens and grocery stores. These salads will come together beautifully with fruits and vegetables, handy kitchen tools and accessories, and classy serveware.

Hearty Chicken Cobb Salad

Let’s start with a familiar salad you might have ordered at a restaurant. A cobb salad is a salad with plenty of different tasty foods. It makes a great main dish, but you can also prepare a large batch of cobb salad for potlucks and BBQs. You’ll need romaine lettuce or fresh greens from your garden, cherry tomatoes or chopped Roma tomatoes, at least one hard-boiled egg, cooked bacon, chicken breast, and a kind of cheese like feta, goat cheese, or blue cheese. Add other ingredients like chopped grilled asparagus and red bell pepper.

Sweet Honeydew and Blackberry Salad

Using fresh fruit and a little bit of citrus, you can pull together a beautiful salad for a breakfast or brunch get-together. Choose a large, sweet melon like honeydew or a lemon drop melon. Separate the delicious stuff from the rind and chop it into cubes. A melon salad will work well with any berries you can grow in the garden but be gentle when you add them to the mix. Dress your breakfast salad with the juice and zest of a lime and garnish with mint leaves for a sweet, slightly tart, and deliciously fresh salad. This kind of salad also saves beautifully in high-quality food containers.

Savory Cantaloupe Salad

Putting a unique twist on a melon salad will have anyone who tries your dish asking for the recipe. Try a savory cantaloupe salad and see for yourself how much people enjoy the taste and presentation. You can serve a “salad” like this on a kabob stick, layering cantaloupe, fresh mozzarella, and prosciutto. Then, sprinkle chopped basil leaves over the plate of your salad sticks and garnish with an aesthetically pleasing drizzle of balsamic glaze. Make sure you have nice serveware to plate this sharable dish.

Simple Summer Squash Salad

For a super simple and fresh salad, grab everyone’s favorite summer vegetables—summer squash and corn. Next, spiralize or slice zucchini and yellow squash with a mandoline. You don’t want their moisture to leak into the rest of the salad, so set the squash off to the side with a sprinkle of salt in a food container to draw out the water, then drain it. Toss your squash with boiled or grilled corn kernels and a fresh dressing of your choice before serving. Try topping this salad with feta or cotija cheese for a real summer showstopper.

Rather than sharing exact recipes, sometimes all you need is a little inspiration to get you tossing together a delicious garden salad. You can use the exact salad ingredients listed above or create a new salad with exciting ingredients from your own garden or the fresh produce section of the grocery store. With spring in full swing and summer just ahead, you’ll want to start practicing your salad-making skills. They’ll come in handy for all of those backyard BBQs, neighborhood picnics, group brunches, and casual nights with friends and family.

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