5 Useful Kitchen Tools Every Home Chef Should Pick Up or Upgrade

5 Useful Kitchen Tools Every Home Chef Should Pick Up or Upgrade

Every home chef is at their best when they have the most useful kitchenware at their disposal. As such, it should be a priority to pick up the most helpful kitchen essentials if you don’t have them already. However, upgrading to more competent and reliable models of useful kitchenware can be just as important as having them to begin with. Even a better set of salt and pepper shakers can make a big difference!

Food Prep Essential: Master Shredder

A high-quality master shredder and grater tool is among the most versatile and useful pieces of kitchenware. It can be used for shredding and grating a huge variety of vegetables, hard cheeses and eggs, chocolate for desserts, and a whole lot more. In addition to making countless recipes easier, they also make a variety of new recipes possible. That makes a handle-operated master shredder an asset for both experienced home chefs and enthusiastic beginners.

Stay Sharp: Universal Knife Sharpener

Sharpening kitchen knives on whetstones takes time, skill, and experience, and mistakes can ruin blades. A professional sharpening will do the trick but involves inconvenience and expense. Thankfully, there is an invaluable solution for the home chef: an effective universal knife sharpener. Not only do some of the best at-home knife sharpeners put a professional chef-level edge on your kitchen knives, but they also make it extremely easy to do so. The Tupperware® Universal Knife Sharpener is an outstanding example—it’s safe and stable, ergonomic, and, importantly, can sharpen both straight and serrated blades.

Ultimate Stovetop Solution: Covered Casserole Pan

A warning—once you find a high-quality covered casserole pan, it’s going to become an indispensable part of your kitchenware collection. They are an impressively versatile piece of cookware. The best among them can braise and sauté, simmer and slow cook, marinate, and bake. A high-quality non-stick casserole pan will heat quickly and evenly and is also easy to clean—definitely a must-have.

Reliable Staples: Large Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are those kitchenware staples that you never want to be without. As often as salt and pepper shakers are used for both preparing and seasoning food, upgrading to a large and effective set should be a priority. Look for an ergonomic, dishwasher-safe salt and pepper shaker set with lids that can be shut to maintain optimal freshness.

Multitasking Must-Have: Versatile Mincer

A mincer is a versatile tool that’s good to have around the kitchen so that you can easily mince your own fish or meat at home. You can even use it for chickpeas or beans when making delicious meals and sides for the whole family. With a cookie insert, you can create fancy-shaped cookies for holidays and everyday fun occasions. With a sausage insert, you can do everything from fill sausages and cannelloni to stuff delicious vegetables everyone will love.

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