Get Ready for Spring with New Kitchen Tools and Storage Containers

Get Ready for Spring with New Kitchen Tools and Storage Containers

As springtime and warmer weather inch closer, you’re probably well on your way to cleaning the grill, moving the crockpot to the back shelf, and taking inventory of your summer serveware and storage solutions. Get ready for a new season of baking, grilling, and cooking with the following kitchen products.

Shred and Grate Salads Like a Pro

For all those fresh salads and slaws you’re going to make this summer, you’ll need a capable shredder with multiple attachments for grating a hearty amount of food. You can prepare delicious and attractive salads or make tasty veggie burgers efficiently with a hand-held master shredder with a crank. If you have any easy-to-use tool like that, you’ll no longer need to buy pre-shredded cheese or carrots.

Prep Fruits and Veggies for Smoothies

If you love making fresh smoothies and juices, you can cut your chopping time down significantly if you have a cool chopping tool. You can find choppers that you don’t have to plug in. You simply pull a handle and it will chop, mix, emulsify, and blend whatever fruits and veggies you throw in there.

Pack Portables for Your Picnics

Who doesn’t love picnics and all the colorful and handy storage containers you can take with you? Something is satisfying about being perfectly organized with your portable, leak-proof containers. Bring along plastic salt and pepper shakers with hinged lids, so you can snap them closed when you’re on-the-go. Choose lunch plates with lids that allow for extra room for toppings and garnishes. Practical plates are a much better option than throwaway plastic or paper plates. And you can never go wrong with a classic 3-piece set of bright bowls with sealed lids.

Play Outside with Plastic Pitchers and Tumblers with Lids

You’ll be spending a lot of time outside grilling, entertaining, and having fun. Kids and adults alike will love using assorted color tumblers with lids (and holes for straws). Easy-to-grip, hardy tumblers are extra handy outside and great for indoor use, too. Quench everyone’s thirst with a supersized one-gallon pitcher. Ideal for game days or barbecues, a classic pitcher filled with lemonade is sure to quench everyone’s thirst. Look for a feature like a smart bush button that changes the lid from closed to pouring position.

Take a Cake

If you don’t already have the perfect round cake carrier, the time has come to add it to your spring and summer list. An ideal carrying, serving, and storage solution will feature a large, comfortable handle on the see-through cover and an attractive serving tray underneath. A trustworthy cover should be able to click firmly onto the tray with a locking mechanism. Showcase your desserts this season!

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