The Best Ways to Store Citrus and Other Fruit

The Best Ways to Store Citrus and Other Fruit

When you’re slicing lots of fruit or preparing a kid’s snack, you might not use all of it. Instead of wasting half a fruit or forcing yourself to finish it, use creative fruit storage techniques. You can use food containers to store unused or sliced fruit, helping to keep it fresh for even the pickiest fruit eaters. If you need help figuring out the best ways to store your fruit, the following information will help.

Dedicated Citrus Food Containers

The most commonly wasted or forgotten fruits are probably lemon, lime, or orange halves. After using one half, you might have covered the other with a bit of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Instead of single-use plastic, look for a bright set of citrus keepers for these fruits. Dedicated citrus food containers help them stay fresher for longer. Plus, they’re easy to see in the fridge so that you won’t forget about your fruit!

Stackable, Nesting Options for the Fridge

You don’t want any larger containers crowding your fridge. Your sliced fruit won’t take up much space with stackable storage solutions. Add watermelon slices to a large, wide, rectangular container. Put strawberries into a square-shaped option that fits snuggly on top of one side of the rectangle. Keep fruit like sliced kiwi in another container that perfectly fits the other side. This strategy is incredibly convenient as long as you invest in containers from the same company.

Convenient Lunch Storage Containers

You or your kids might not want a whole fruit in a lunch box. In place of a whole fruit, look for a big container that fits slices or smaller portions alongside other food. You’ll want a big container with different compartments. That way, it’s easy to include other nutritious main lunch options. Alternatively, you might be packing for a picnic. In which case, you would need multiple containers. You can dedicate a whole container to fruit, fitting sliced fruit, smaller berries, and maybe even half a banana.

Sealable Bowl Sets for Sliced Fruit

If you’re looking for food storage options doubling as serveware, sealable bowl sets are an excellent option. You can prepare fruit or even a fruit salad long before anybody arrives at your home, simply storing it in the fridge until it’s time to serve. A leakproof seal locks in freshness and flavor for your fruit or anything you prepare with it. With a bowl set, you also have an easy storage option for when you’re done using them. Smaller bowls can nest perfectly inside larger ones.

Ensuring your fruit looks and tastes fresh can make a huge difference in how long you store and enjoy it. With the proper food containers, keeping fresh fruit is a cinch. Storage solutions offer you a way to try and reduce food waste caused by preparing too much fruit. You also aren’t dealing with any disposable storage options. Use the strategies listed above to keep fruit in its best condition. It’ll be great for picky eaters, packing lunches, or preparing for casual gatherings.

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