6 Kitchen Essentials to Get Before Moving Into Your First Place

6 Kitchen Essentials to Get Before Moving Into Your First Place

Moving into a new place is a whirlwind of packing, unpacking, and picking out new supplies. Moving into your first place can be tricky because you often don’t have kitchen supplies that you can just pack over from a previous place. But don’t wait until you need to use something to add it to your list. Here is a handy list of essentials from an ice tray to microfiber towels to stock up on before you move into your new place. Be prepared right out the gate!

Kitchen Gadgets

Home cooking is so much more fun and enjoyable when you have some nifty kitchen tools and gadgets ready to go. Some of the most widely used are can openers, peelers, cheese graters, mandolins, and colanders. These tools can help you streamline dinnertime no matter what you're making.

Various Utensils

You will definitely need more than one cooking utensil when you move into your new place. It’s a wonderful idea to stock up on at least one of each of the following: a spatula, a mixing spoon, a ladle, tongs, and a whisk. And if you love potatoes, it never hurts to get yourself a quality peeler and masher. Nothing says home like making your favorite foods.

Pots and Pans

While it may seem obvious to make sure you have pots and pans before you move in, high-quality pots and pans can save you a lot of hassle. If you’re moving into a smaller apartment, smaller-sized pans are going to be your best friend. Look for pots and pans that will heat up quickly and are coated with a PFOA-free coating.

Different Sized Storage Containers

If you plan on cooking at home often, you’ll most likely need storage containers for your leftovers. The key with storage containers is to make sure you are getting an abundance of different sizes. From a large container all the way to small sauce containers, you want to make sure you can save and reheat all of your yummy creations with ease.

Plates and Silverware

It’s a tradition to throw a housewarming get-together when you move into a new home. And sharing a meal with some friends and loved ones is the perfect way to break into your new home. Make sure that you have enough plates, silverware, and serveware before you invite everyone over for a welcoming night of fun.

Microfiber Towels

Never underestimate how much you will need kitchen towels when you move into your new place. They can save you money where you would have been buying paper towels, and you can color coordinate them for a design element in your new kitchen. Look for recycled microfiber towels to help keep your new kitchen tidy.

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