In the Independent Living Community You Will Have to Give up Your Independence

In the Independent Living Community You Will Have to Give up Your Independence

Moving to the independent living community, you will have to give up your independence -- and four other myths about senior living apartments

There are many misconceptions about moving to a senior independent living community. We hope the information below will clarify and debunk these myths.

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Myth #1 – I will have to give up my independence

Fact – You have the freedom to choose your senior apartment and maintain the level of privacy you feel comfortable with, free to choose which community activities to participate in, which group trips to take, etc. There will be many options for you to choose from.

Myth # 2 – Senior apartments in independent living facilities are for much older adults

Fact – Most independent living facilities are available to residents who are 55 and older, and many activities, such as golf, tennis, hiking, etc., are especially targeted for those who are fit in body and young at heart. You should visit a senior living community before making any commitments, and observe some of the residents in action.

Myth # 3 – My food will be chosen for me

Fact –If you have dietary restrictions, we will do our very best to accommodate them. However, you will be the decision-maker in your menu every day. Hopefully, your choices will be healthy most of the time, but if your favorite dessert is on the menu today, and you want to indulge, go ahead. We won’t tell.

Myth # 4 – I will be stuck in my apartment, alone

Fact – You do not have to give up your social life! In fact, there will be even more opportunities now to participate in various athletic and social activities, trips, and workshops. You will be able to make new friends in your new community, and also stay in touch with your old friends and family. They are welcome to visit you anytime!

Myth # 5 – I will have a curfew

Fact – You are free to travel the world if you wish, or socialize as much or as little as you want. You will always come and go as you please. While we offer the security and comfort of a community, you have the ultimate say on what you do, and where you go.

Hopefully, these facts will dispel some of the myths surrounding senior apartments in independent living communities. Enjoy the freedom to participate in fun activities and social events in a great community!