We Are The Roots To Our Business Community

We Are The Roots To Our Business Community

Treos Global's mission is to use the power of community, collaboration and technology to partner and build small businesses. Our current system is broken.

The System is broken? Currently 98% of businesses in Canada are considered small, and year after year there are more businesses closing then opening (Check out Statistic Canada for more details). Yes, there are multiple factors contributing to these stats including financing, planning, execution, economy and so forth. But, we believe there are some untapped tools out there, to lower this growing statistic.

The Power of Collaboration

Word of Mouth and referrals are still some of the most powerful tools in marketing. Here are some of the key findings in a recent Nielsen’s Harris Poll.

  1. 82% seek recommendations from friends & family when making a purchasing decision
  2. 67% are more likely to purchase after a friend or family member shared it via Social Media

If the business community collaborates together using their already existing social media networks (other businesses, staff, friends and family) we could potentially create a referral network stronger than Google. Klusster Media is a company building a software that could provide the means to accomplish this potentially industry disrupting service.

Improve the Health of Your Business

Did you know that Canadian banks, by law, don't have to act in our best interest? This mean that the recommendations we receive can be in the best interest of that said bank, not ours. A recent article from thestar.com was headlined "Allegation against Canadian banks spark federal investigation" and it states:

CBC recently reported that it's been flooded with stories from employees of all five of Canada's big banks about "how they feel pressured to upsell, trick and even lie to customers to meet unrealistic sales targets to keep their jobs."

One service that Treos offers is to make sure small businesses pay "fair market" value for their payment processing services (accepting credit or debit in person, online or over the phone). Since we are NOT a payment processing company or affiliated with a bank, we pride ourselves in providing solutions that are in our clients' best interests. From the companies we have worked with, we have found that most businesses are paying 10-20% over fair market value.

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Payment Processing - Treos Global


Current Services of Treos

  1. Review current Payment Processing to make sure you're paying FAIR MARKET value
  2. New business set up: If you're setting up payment processing or telecom (Phone, internet and TV) we have access to Enterprise pricing
  3. Software & e-commerce integration for payment processing (accept payment directly online or through your software at a lower cost)
  4. Setting up business communities through Klusster

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