5 Cool Things to do in #Leeuwarden

5 Cool Things to do in #Leeuwarden

Amazing European culture in Leeuwarden has a lot to offer to its tourists such as beautiful churches, museums, zoo.

Leeuwarden, in North Netherlands, is among the top tourist destinations spots mainly for its numerous cultural events, its classic architecture, natural surroundings, museums, large shopping centers etc. Musical festivals take place throughout the year and there are many places of historical importance here thus giving you mixed array of fun. City's official website here

Remember to visit these places when you go to Leeuwarden :

1. Take photos of the African Penguin at AquaZoo : Your kids will love this Zoo with more than 80 species of animals. Here you can spot the Yellow breasted Capuchin Monkey, Asian Small claw Otter, Green Iguana, Snowy Owl, African Penguin, Pink Pelican and various other animals, birds and reptiles.

5 Cool Things to do in #Leeuwarden

Aqua Zoo

2. Learn all you wanted to know about Mata Hari at the Fries Museum : The vast collection showcasing Frisian art and culture right from ancient times to the modern era will leave you spellbound. You can delve into Mata Hari’s personal life through her scrapbooks, admire the landscape paintings by Gerrit Benner and explore other architectural collections.

3. Enjoy the underwater safari at Natuursmuseum Fryslan : Your Kids and other family members can have an exciting interactive ride through the waters of Netherlands. Here you will be delighted to see catfish, seals or otters and other marine life. You can also view the amazing collection of rare plants and animals at the Leeuwarden forest.

4. Explore the amazing architecture at Church Saint Boniface : This iconic landmark church built to honor Saint Bonifatius has is a stunning Neo–Gothic architectural wonder. It has a wooden spire more than 80 meters in height. You will be amazed at the breathtaking interiors with stained glass windows and wall panels artistically painted.

5. Experience a different kind of thrill at Museumhuis Van Eysinga: This 18th century mansion will amaze you with its intricately designed staircases, stained glass windows and other wrought iron furniture. You are free to roam about and do anything like opening the drawers or exploring the kitchen or servants’ quarters.

Leeuwarden surely comes as a surprise package and surpasses all your expectations making you feel that one visit is not sufficient to explore all it has to offer. No wonder it was awarded the European Capital of Culture.