5 Cool Things to do in Turin

5 Cool Things to do in Turin
over 1 year ago

Turin's major attraction are its museums, parks, stadiums, palaces. With beautiful architecture, delicious foods, Turin has been a top place to visit in Italy.

Turin is situated in the north of Italy and is notable mainly on account of its royal stately buildings and its rich sporting background, especially its soccer teams Juventus and Torino F.C. It is also one of the major economic centers of Italy. City's official website here

When visiting Turin these places are a must see:

1. Discover the ancient mummies at the Musio Egizio: Explore this Egyptian museum for its human and animal mummy collection and other preservation like the statues of Amenhotep or Egyptian Gods.

2. Explore the stunning classic interiors at the Palazzo Reale : Visit this great neoclassical architectural wonder with interiors designed by eminent artists of the bygone era. You will be spellbound by the design of the staircases, artworks on the walls and chandeliers.

5 Cool Things to do in Turin

Palazzo Reale

3. Ride a bicycle at the picturesque Parco Del Valentino: Come to this park for a leisurely stroll through the jogging or walking tracks or just cycle around taking in the amazing scenery. There is also the Medieval village which is another attraction here.

5 Cool Things to do in Turin

Parco Valentino

4. Have fun with friends or family at Escape Academy: Stay here with your friends and have a real fun filled experience solving puzzles and riddles together. It will be a great bonding time as you can use your imagination and ideas to solve the mysteries and escape from the locked rooms.

5. View the entire city of Turin from Mole Antonelliana: This iconic tall landmark structure in Turin gives you a panoramic all round view of the entire city from the deck at its top, The Museo Nazionale Del Cinema also happens to be housed here.

5 Cool Things to do in Turin

Mole Antonelliana

Apart from all these, Turin also has a great food culture and is well known especially for its chocolates, truffles and wines. In recent years Turin has assumed greater importance as a tourist destination by people from all over the world despite being over shadowed earlier by other prominent Italian cities like Rome and Venice.