5 Cool Things to do in Innsbruck

5 Cool Things to do in Innsbruck

Innsbruck is an incredible city of Austria. Surrounded by tall mountains, natural beauty, Innsbruck has never failed to relax to the tourists!

Innsbruck, Austria

God has bestowed Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, with abundant natural beauty. The city is believed to have existed since the Stone Age. The city is surrounded by the picturesque Wipp Valley and is very popular among the adventurous people. You will be awestruck by the imperial elegance and the extravagant marble work. The breath taking peaks of the Apls and the adorable green pasture are a sight to marvel. Visit the city's official website here

Sightseeing in Innsbruck

1. Rejuvenate yourself at the Golden Roof

Built in 1500, the Golden Roof was constructed for the king Maximilian 1 so that he could sit, relax and enjoy tournaments. It also commemorates the wedding of this king. The roofs of the castle are covered with 2600 gold platted copper tiles (that’s what probably gives it the name). With the Alps in the backdrop, the golden tiles of the building is a sight to behold. It has been made into a museum now.

5 Cool Things to do in Innsbruck

Golden Roof

2. Get the amazing view from the Ambras Castle

Located on the hills, Ambras castle makes for a smashing view of the surroundings. It is 586 meters above the sea level. It takes you on a ride to the 16th century. In the Ambras Castle you will witness a huge and wonderful collection of the Prince. You will also be able to browse through the extraordinary Chamber of Arts and Curiosities. Take sneak peek at an array of around 200 paintings displaying the life of Habsburg Dynasty, at the Portrait Gallery.

3. Watch the amazing interiors of the Court Church (Hofkirche)

This church was built in the memory of King Maximilian as a tribute to him. His grave rests in this church. You will be awestruck by the amazing architecture which is built around his tomb. The tomb took over 80 years to complete. There are several large sized statues made around the tomb which will surely grab your attention.

5 Cool Things to do in Innsbruck

Court Church

4. Dive into the historical Imperial Palace (Hofburg)

You can club seeing the imperial Palace with Court Church as they are in the same vicinity. It displays an interesting collection of heritage artworks and furnitures. The view from the fortress is so visually appealing that it leaves you spell bound.

5. Enjoy the wonderful view from the Nordekkete

While in Innsbruck you are in for a treat for your eyes. Located to the north of the city of Innsbruck Nordekkete mountain ranges is a popular with the tourist for its cable car ride and the speechless view of beautiful view it has to offer.

5 Cool Things to do in Innsbruck


Come explore the city of Innsbruck and take tons of memories with you.