Top 5 things to do in Memphis

Top 5 things to do in Memphis

Memphis, a city of the Blues and Elvis receives high number of tourist year for the musical history it in-houses which interests people who come here!

Memphis, better known for its contribution to the world of blues music, is located on the banks of the Mississippi River. It has developed speedily after the era of civil rights especially in the field of transportation. The Memphis airport is a cargo airport that ranks right at the top. Memphis holds the distinction of kick-starting the careers of many great musicians notably the great Elvis Presley and B.B King to name a few. Visit city's official website here

Here is a brief guide to the first fives places to tour in Memphis :

1. Visit the Sun Studio to relive the golden Blues era: Take a trip to Sun Studio, and you will travel through time to the period of Blues music when electric guitars had just entered the scene. This is where the all-time greats like Elvis Presley and Carl Perkins got to record their debut albums.

2. Pay your tribute to Elvis at Graceland: Relive the charisma of the most excellent rock star Elvis Presley at Graceland, which was his abode. Have a peek at the legend’s costumes, personal belongings and explore the interiors and garden of the majestic mansion. Don’t forget to visit the museum or buy a gift from the gift shop at the complex.

Top 5 things to do in Memphis


3. Click the cute Giant Pandas at Memphis Zoo: Be sure to visit the Memphis Zoo with over 3000 varieties of animal life. Come face to face with the Southern White Rhino, the kingly African elephants or Giant Pandas and meet the marine life at the aquarium like the electric eel or Red-bellied Piranhas.

Top 5 things to do in Memphis

Memphis zoo

4. Have Pizza at Uncle’s Buck’s inside the Memphis Pyramid: Be sure to visit this iconic building now known as Bass Pro Shops Megastore and have fun shopping for T-shirts or sunglasses. Taste the mouthwatering pizzas or burgers, while relaxing in the surreal underwater ambience.

5. Enjoy the nightlife in the historical Beale Street: Beale street is an age-old street hosting amazing nightlife here. The restaurants and bars here are major tourist attraction. Have a beer or two with your friends in any of your favorite joint, popular one being Hard Rock Cafe, Club 152, Blues City Cafe & Band Rock, Memphis Music.

Top 5 things to do in Memphis

Baele street

A very progressive city which has the perfect blend of art, culture, entertainment, technology and infrastructure, Memphis ranks among the top destinations for people all around the world.