Cool Things to do in Madison

Cool Things to do in Madison

Madison, where dreams come true is a place which will leave you will amazed. The city of dreams will give you beautiful memories for lifetime.

Madison, known also as ‘The city of four lakes’, is one of the most liveable cities in the United states. A highly developed and vibrant city with beautiful lakes, abundant green areas, museums, and restaurants it ranks high among the places where you may want to settle down. Madison is also a haven for academically inclined and job seeking youngsters. Visit city's official website here

A trip to Madison is not complete without a visit to the following places:

1. Visit the tropics at the Boltz conservatory: A Walk through the green paradise that is the Olbrich Botanical gardens will land you at the Boltz conservatory where a tropical adventure awaits you. Be amazed at the sights of the waterfall, exotic tropical plants and orchids and also birds like Canaries or quails flying about.

Cool Things to do in Madison

Olbrich Botanical gardens

2. Refreshingly swim in the cool waters at Lake Mendota: Beat the heat by taking a dip at the beautiful Lake Mendota or go kayaking or scuba diving and explore the waters in solitude.

3. Play Frisbee or football at the James Madison Park: Take a rejuvenating stroll along the many walking paths at the park, enjoy a game of soccer with your kids or just soak in the sun at any of the green spots all around.

4. Take a selfie with the African Lion at Henry Vilas Zoo: Your visit will be incomplete without a trip to the Henry Vilas Zoo which houses around 650 animals from the world over. Click and post photos on social media with the majestic African Lion, green Anaconda, flamingo or the multi coloured blue and yellow Macaw.

Cool Things to do in Madison

Henry Vilas Zoo

5. Explore the museum with your kids at Madison Children’s Museum: Kids will have the time of their lives at the Museum with tree houses, tunnels and bridges to climb in addition to a water section and ice-skating rink. You can also just unwind and relax at some of the outdoor spots like the Rooftop garden.

Truly a city which has something for everyone from sporting activities, education, business opportunities, entertainment or recreation, Madison is the go to place which will fulfill all your deepest desires.