Cool things to do in Milwaukee

Cool things to do in Milwaukee
about 1 year ago

Milwaukee is a cool city which has many interesting museums, beautiful mansions and many restaurants.

Milwaukee sits on the south-western shore of Michigan and is the largest town in the state of Wisconsin. The city has the nicknames ‘Cream City’ and ‘Brew City’ due to its distinct cream-colored bricks and also the long-made production history. There are many museums, twenty-five theaters and one hundred fifty restaurants to visit. With most to try to let’s take a glance at the coolest 5 best things to do in Milwaukee.Visit city's official website here


1. Learn The History Of The Harley-Davidson at its museum: For over one hundred years Harley-Davidson are creating world noted motorbikes. You will get to learn a lot of about the history of the company, the latest and the oldest motorcycles made here. The depository conducts several interactive exhibitions which will keep you pleased.

Discover a lot At the Discovery World: An amazing place to visit with your kids. You get to learn a lot about science in fun ways. You get to learn about the sound waves, electricity, power generation and freshwater. There is an interactive session with the robot which your kids will totally love. There is a model of 5 great lakes which explains about the water supply and different levels. The museum has a good aquarium too.

Cool things to do in Milwaukee

The Discovery World

3. Visit the Basilica Of Saint Josaphat: The Basilica of Saint Josaphat was finished in 1901 and is a great landmark of Milwaukee. Attend a concert here and you will love it. The architecture of this church is amazing – the stained glasses, paintings, wood, marble. The church is like a museum which explains you about its history in an interesting way.

4. Take a tour to the magnificent Pabst Mansion: Take a guided tour to the theater to dive into the history of Pabst family. The interiors of the rooms will give you an idea about the luxurious live the Pabst lived. A gorgeous house which will make your visit worth it. The hand painted tiles and stunning wood work is completely beautiful.

Cool things to do in Milwaukee

The Pabst Mansion

5.Watch a show at the Pabst Theater: An oldest theater in the city with amazing acoustics. The interior of the theater is absolutely stunning with large crystal chandelier, impressive walls, bell curved seating arrangement. Take a balcony seat and enjoy the show!

Give yourself a unique experience by visiting these cool places in Milwaukee. Take tons of memories and hundreds of learning from interesting museums in Milwaukee.