Cool places to visit in Barcelona

Cool places to visit in Barcelona
about 1 year ago

Barcelona is a city with many world heritage sites as the architectural works of this city are very innovative and constructed with minute details..

Barcelona, the city in Spain is known to everybody because of the FC Barcelona. However, the city is also famous for its culture and tourism. The city hosts various music events, theatre performances and energetic festivals. It is also home to some World Heritage sites, various museums, parks and squares and beaches. A trip to this city means lots of memories and beautiful experience. Visit city's official website here


1. Visit Park Güell: The UNESCO listed Park in north of Gracia is known for its beautiful landscape and architecture. The various fountains and sculptures add to the charm of the park. You can visit Gaudi’s house museum where he lived and his self-designed furniture and decorative items.

Cool places to visit in Barcelona

Park Guell

2. Visit the church of Sagrada Familia: An unfinished church designed by Gaudi is a remarkable landmark of Barcelona. This landmark is declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO for exceptional architectural structure. This church is under construction since more than 132 years.

Cool places to visit in Barcelona

Sagrada Familia

3. Park your car at Casa Mila: Another important structure of Gaudi’s creation, this building resembles like the face of a quarry. Another world heritage site of Barcelona, you will appreciate the underground car parking and self supporting stone here. The innovations of this building is appreciated by all the tourists here.

Cool places to visit in Barcelona

Casa Mila

4. Take a look at Casa Vicens: The private house constructed in Barcelon by Gaudi for the industrialist Manuel Vicens i Montaner. This place has a beautiful garden and fountain. The details of this building will completely astonish you.

5. Admire the beauty of Casa Batllo: Gaudi renovated a building named Passing de Gracia which is today called Casa Batllo. The architecture of this building belongs to world legacy. It is one of the important works of Gaudi and today has become a world heritage site by UNESCO. The tiles of the roof of this building are the dragon’s scale, so don’t miss a chance to see them!

A city with full of world heritage site will totally amaze you by its innovative architecture. Dont miss these cool things to visit in Barcelona