Cool things to do in Scottsdale

Cool things to do in Scottsdale
about 1 year ago

A city with numerous golf courses, amazing museums, shopping centres and lip smacking food tours! So many cool things to do in Scottsdale!!!

Scottsdale is the most western town of Arizona. It is not a big place and yet it has number of tourist attractions which are worth visiting! Scottsdale have amazing resorts where you can play and relax completely. Discover the cool things to do here like the wine tasting to yummy food tours numerous museums and yes don’t forget to shop something unique here. Visit city's official website here


1. Hike at Sonoran Desert Preserve: A sustainable desert habitat where everyone can hike at different levels. Brown Ranch is a easy to do hike where your entire family can enjoy the desert scenery. This preserve offers a lot to everyone who wants to enjoy the desert nature.

Cool things to do in Scottsdale

Sonoran Desert Preserve

2. Take a wine tour in Scottsdale: Old town Scottsdale is a perfect place to taste some wine here. Take a walk and taste all kinds of wine like chardonnay, merlot, grenache, syrah which will totally amuse you.

3. Discover the stories of American at Scottsdale museum of the west: This aware winning museum takes you back to the history of Scottsdale. It also has many cow boys posters, Hopi pottery, Indian movie poster, unique stores where you can do your shopping. This museum will give you an insight of the unique stories of people, events of the 19 American states.

Cool things to do in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Museum of the West

4. Saunter at the Butterfly wonderland: Take a walk in this beautiful garden with thousands of butterflies. They have a 3D movies which is educational for the kids to understand about the life of the butterflies and their magnificent features. Also, you can visit the emergence gallery where you can see the metamorphosis of a butterfly.

5. Play golf both outdoors and indoors: Scottsdale have 50 golf courses in the city and the player can choose his terrain according to his skillsets. You can play indoor golf at Topgolf where you can enjoy the real game through its art technology.

These are some amazing things one can do in this beautiful city of Scottsdale. Don’t forget to share you experiences with us.