Top things to do in Washington DC

Top things to do in Washington DC
about 1 year ago

Washington has got a lot of thrilling places such as museums, historical places and art events. Dont forget to visit the mimic forest here in Washington.

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Washington DC is the capital city of US. It is a small city on the river Potomac. It has the states of Maryland and Virginia on its borders. Washington DC has modern and classical monuments, buildings; the famous ones being the White House, the Capital and the Supreme court. The city is equally famous for its museums and art performing venues. City's official website here


1. Take a view of the city from Washington Monument: One can view the city from 550 feet high monument in Washington DC. You will find a 9 inch tall pyramid at the top of this monument along with the lightening rods. This was built to pay a tribute to the army militants during American War of Revolution.

2. Take a guided tour at the White House: A famous structure which you must have seen in news and movies. This is the house and working space of the US President. Take a guided tour to understand the architecture, history and other amazing facts about this place.

Top things to do in Washington DC

The White House

3. Visit the different places at the National Mall: Take a stroll on this green park to see the famous sites of the city. The national mall has the capital building, Potomac river, Jefferson memorial and constitution avenue. This is one stop destination to catch with many sites of Washington.

4. Explore the National Air and Space Museum: Equally inviting for 8 to 80 years old, it offers a lot of exciting items. The museum has everything from the 1903 Wright flyer to the moon landing expedition Apollo II.

Top things to do in Washington DC

National Space and Art Museum

5.Visit the Jefferson Memorial: This memorial resembles the Pantheon in Greece. It is a tribute to the 3rd president of US Thomas Jefferson. This place hosts a special Cherry Blossom Festival in honour of Japanese Cherry trees which were destroyed during its construction.

Top things to do in Washington DC

Jefferson's Memorial

Don't miss these top 5 things to do and yes, as mentioned do take a visit to the Roosevelt Island and be pleased with the atmosphere and activities there!