Top Things to do in Copenhagen

Top Things to do in Copenhagen
about 1 year ago

Copenhagen is a amusing city with rich heritage, culture and amusement parks. Don't miss these top things to do in Copenhagen for a wonderful time.

Copenhagen has the world's most established entertainment meccas and trendiest shopping centres and nightspots. There are many noteworthy royal residences and galleries where you will find Viking and Bronze Age treasures that will completely fascinate you. Don’t miss these top things to do in Copenhagen. Visit city's official website here


1. Take a merry go round at the Tivoli Gardens: A few people come to Copenhagen just to visit Tivoli Gardens. The world's most established amusement park will make your kids have a great time on the roller coaster and the merry go round. Don’t forget to Star Flyer, a merry go round that climb’s riders up 80 meters over the ground.The little mermaid statue

2. Snap a picture at the Little Mermaid Statue: A statue sitting on a stone alongside the Langelinie promenade is the most well-known milestone in the city. The stone carver Edvard Eriksen made the mermaid in 1913. When you get up near the statue you will be shocked that how little it really is, however you'll need to snap a picture since it's one of the global identifiers.

Top Things to do in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid Statue

3. Visit the longest pedestrian street Stroget: It's among the biggest person on foot shopping centres on the planet. You will locate some free shops, at that point pursue Strøget into the Old City. There are many hip boutiques for youthful fashionistas.

Top Things to do in Copenhagen


4. Take a drink at Nyhavn: New Harbour in English, this noteworthy waterfront region is where old wooden boats are still moored.There are tall painted houses on both the sides of the waterways and you will find many bars, bars, eateries and bistros with outside seating on the ground floor.

5. Nationalmusset: Copenhagen's National Museum is the kind of fascination with amazing abundance of antiques here of Denmark's past. Investigate the Trundholm Sun Chariot – A Bronze Age Chariot, dating to 1400BC, with a bronze statue of a steed pulling a gold plate speaking to the sun.

All these top things to do in Copenhagen will give you a complete feel of the city and will want you to visit again!