Top Things to do in Budapest

Top Things to do in Budapest

A loving city with shopping streets, beautiful exhibitions and exotic spa. We have sorted the top things to do in Budapest which you must visit for a happy trip

Budapest, the capital of Hungary is a destination you will love to visit. The city is filled with new adventures and experiences. Once you visit this city, you will surely want to visit again. The city is home to various parks, playgrounds and islands to spend your lovely day. If you want to spend your day indoors, visit the spas, museums, libraries or watch some amazing performances. So, get ready for the most memorable trip. City's official website here


1. Take snaps at Fisherman’s Bastion: It was built to celebrate the 1000th birthday of the Hungarian State. It is the viewing terrace across the Buda Bank of Danube. You get some breathtaking views of the boats in the Danube River and sunset. So, mark this place on your list.

Top Things to do in Budapest

Fisherman's Bastion

2. Visit Memento Park: The Park is home to some beautiful sculptures and statues from the Communist period. Witness the famous statues of various Communist leaders and be a part of the county’s amazing history. It also showcases exhibitions in a small museum and films in a cinema to keep you entertained throughout.

3. Spa in Budapest: The Szechenyi Spa Bath, the largest medicinal bath centres has water rich in sulfates, calcium and magnesium to cure your illness and joint ailments. It will provide you peace and calmness. It offers variety of spas, saunas and massages to relax your mind and body. So, visit this place for the soothing experience.

Top Things to do in Budapest

Szechenyi baths

4. Experience the local life at Great Market Hall: The Great Market Hall is a centrally located marketplace in Budapest. The popular tourist place is perfect for shopping, local food and artsy crafts. All you need to visit this place is an empty stomach and some cash and you will come back with the best memories.

Top Things to do in Budapest

5.Enjoy at Margaret Island: The Island in Danube has various recreational activities to keep you engaged. It also provides rental carts and vehicles to explore the island completely and don’t miss the music fountain playing tunes of classical music.

Get yourself engaged with these amazing top things to do in Budapest.